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Great atmosphere created by friendly staff and solo travelers. Brand new interiors in historical builings, comfortable beds and cosy backyard. All of it makes it easy to experience polish culture and Warsaw vibe.

Definitely as a member of young and energetic, creative team. If you're a traveller/backpacker, looking for some pause, wanna settle down for few weeks and experience polish culture but still want to enjoy the social aspect of travelling- you are a PERFECT match for us!

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It could be a great experience if you’ve got previous experience as an animator and you’re comfortable hosting and being responsible for all the events by yourself.
In my case, I had no previous experience in hosting events on my own and it was overwhelming; we didn’t have an interview so I didn’t know what the position was really about and that I wouldn’t be a good fit. There’re extra tasks on your free days that you might not expect, like extra events you’re supposed to take care of (movie nights) and a blackboard everyday.
The facilities and the location are good.

20 days ago



I don't know where to start..It was AMAZING!
The hostel is located in the center of the historical city and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I met people from all over the world and and it's super easy to make genuine connections.. I fully recommend this hostel, I am happy to have had my first experience as a volunteer here! Thank you Oki Doki 🫶❤️

about 1 month ago



The crew is really amazing and I had so much fun with the people I met! I’d love to come back:) I’m so sad that I have to leave

3 months ago

United Kingdom


One of the best hostels! I met some amazing friends and the permanent staff are very friendly and helpful. The place feels homey, with nice facilities, a lovely location.
My job involved encouraging the events and setting up/ attending. This initially seemed daunting but it wasn't- it's really nice to have an excuse to strike up conversations and implement your ideas, and the activities are really fun and flexible. Bringing people together is a nice feeling and I loved the free coffee/beer perks, and free time during the day, got to see lots of the city. Thank you for hosting me! :)

4 months ago



My experience in Oki Doki was incredible! It was my first volunteering ever and It was surely a great way to start!
Oki Doki is a really cozy and comfortable hostel, great location in the middle of old town of the beautiful Warsaw. The staff are very nice and friendly and I also got to meet a lot of incredible travellers during my stay.
I had a lot of fun and a really really good time in there! Would definitely recommend it for everyone!!

4 months ago

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