Onsen yado hamayunagi

We are new&welcoming hostel in Beppu hot spring city.
You can explore the area which is the second largest amount of hot spring water discharge in the world, and the largest amount in Japan. Please come and enjoy hot spring in Beppu with us.

We have both local staff and foreigner staff with long experience of hostel business and volunteers.So you can talk with us if you have issue about living in Japan or any issue is fine.

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My time in HamayuNagi was lovely. I had a fantastic experience during my stay. Both managers were helpful and kind. I really appreciate that I had a private room because most of the hosts in japan offer only shared rooms. Also the onsen was cool

Because the work is just 9h/week you have a lot of time to visit everything beppu has to offer. And it was really worth it exploring this city and neighbour areas. Beautiful place, not overcrowded by tourists. I recommend visiting on your own

about 21 hours ago



Beppu is a nice town at the ocean surrounded by mountains. With a lot hot onsen in that area.
You just work 9 hours a week which is really not much. So a lot of free time to look around.
It's just cleaning, it's well explained and easy to follow. I think everybody can do it.
The Hostel is a little bit older but the single room is nice. It's great to have a single room in Japan.
The Host and my coworker were really friendly and I made good friends. I am happy that I could stay at beppu.

about 1 month ago



I loved it at Hamayu! It became my home away from home and I was really sad to leave. It was the perfect introduction to volunteering at a guest house and I wish I could have stayed longer. The local people staying there were amazing, inclusive and made it feel like home. It's also a great place to meet fellow travels. I feel like I have made friends for life and will cherish my time there. The work was easy to do and never felt like too much for the allocated time. Except for one or two moments of lack of communication/conflicting information, it was perfect. I can't recommend it enough!

4 months ago



I enjoyed my stay here so much!!! I am extremely grateful for this experience. I would love to come back to Beppu. Everyone was so friendly & kind. The hosts were so generous for letting us borrow bikes our entire stay. People would always gather in the kitchen, sharing meals & talk about their travels ~ it was very wholesome. It felt so comfortable, like a home away from home. The onsen experience at this guesthouse was so relaxing ☺️
I would 100% recommend staying & visiting here. I would love to come back.

4 months ago



Masatoshi was a chill and nice guy to work for! I would have given 5⭐ if he was solely in charge! but unfortunately there was a second manager I didn't like as much 👎. When I worked under Masatoshi I was free to go once my work was done. I would usually finish around 30 to 45 min early, because I work efficiently and just give 💯 power. No problems! the other manager would take the time you finish early and add to a different day... so to summarize: DON'T FINISH EARLY WITH THE SECOND MANAGER, JUST BE SLOW!

4 months ago

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