Organic Farm Near Adamspeak

Volunteers can benefit from living in permanent contact with nature, and learn to live a life based on a village, plus swim in these wonderful small private places in the river. You will gain knowledge about how the wood work can be done, we will also cook together , so you can learn how srilankans are cook, Most interestingly you will have your own time for blending with nature while you read or do laptop work where no one interfere you Volunteers will stay in separate room in our house . it will cover your basic needs: bed, dry water, cold shower, meals and small living room with wood stove. I accept only one at one time. In addition to work, volunteers have to collaborate in household chores.All 3 meals will be given, After the work you will have your own time where you can blend with yourself and nature

We are located at the edge of the small village near Kitulgala, Adamspeak area. One end is a dense forest with beautiful river. Other end is a small peaceful village. We newly built a family run cottage retreat at the edge of this small stream.Due to the first days some wooden cottages are being built by us.Another two cottages are to be built . If you heading Adam's peak from Kandy , colombo or ella, this will be perfect location for you to exchange. We are looking for help to us to in building a wood cabin and developing a new gardening on a two acre section of this amazing land. It is very peaceful and quite and our guest housing at this time is also at the edge of the small river. There is some possibility of using nearby family cabins for housing as well. Lots of hiking and plenty of fresh air on an amazing piece of land! The work hours are not restricted and you can work as you wish. The project is perfect for People who appreciate peace and the nature Who loves forests , crystal clear water Who loves meditation, reading books, who wants learn how traditional wooden construction works Who loves to talk rural people You will love the river bath with the great peaceful sunshine You will be given separate accommodation and delicious sri lankan type meals and better affection by our family Do not hesitate to write us a message with your contact information. Best wishes for your adventurous life !!

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