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most of the volunteer are here to improve the english. you can work in the mornings and study/explorer the city in the afternoon/night. all the while learn a new culture & meet people from all over the world . basic working knowledge of english is a must in order for you to communicate with the housekeepers and reception. we are happy to help you learn english but a good understanding of language used in this field would greatly improve your experience. also the irish can talk really fast :-) hope to see you soon

Oscars Hostel is a small friendly family run business. Many of our volunteers we are still in contact with. Our busy seasons start from March to September. As you know March 17th, every year, is a huge celebration called St. Patrick Day. It is one of those things everyone has to experience at least once in Ireland.

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I had a great time in this hostel. The owner is a nice person and the other volunteers too. Most of the days I was working in the mornings cleaning the rooms and some days I stayed in the reception in the afternoon. I met nice people and loved the city of Cork. Thank you so much, I will never forget my 1st experience in World Packers!

4 months ago


I'm enjoying living at this Hostel. The manager of the Hostel is a wonderful person. I am very happy with this experience, every day I am improving my English and meeting people from all over the world. Cork is a wonderful city.

8 months ago


It was a great experience!!!

about 1 year ago

oscars replied

thanks so kind of you


The overall experience was terrible. The whole system of the reservations was an old notebook, so overbooking was a regular thing and the volunteers' beds were the first to go to the guests and we would have to sleep on the reception floor or on the couch, freezing in the lobby. Also, there were no one else working, only volunteers. There were some guys sleeping in the staff room, but I've never seen them working, only listening to loud music and watching TV. There were people actually living there, whole families with kids. Very dodgy and sad place.

over 1 year ago


Beautiful experience with people so nice.

over 2 years ago

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