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We are a non-profit project where we share information about meditation, oriental and western natural remedies, healthy vegetarian food and how to grow and prepare your own.
Since 2020 our focus is on inner growth and staying healthy improving the soil of our garden, and planting new trees; healing ourselves and giving our energy to help nature to heal.
Volunteers are welcome to participate in our yoga and meditation activities as well as learn to work as a meditation, with awareness and care for the nature and without the company of smartphones/internet.
A new complete experience for the majority and where you'll get out of your 'comfort zone'.
A place where you can practice how to heal the soil and your inner self !

Our project is not for profit, it has no economic goals. We are enjoying an active and creative life, growing as much as possible our own organic health food, using solar energy, and creating a little paradise where we can share with friends.
We have a large swimming pool, terraces, gardens where each of us can enjoy free time in a quiet space.
We are situated in the Algarve, between Lagoa *️️️️️) and Porches in a natural area.
Beautiful coast with many beaches nearby (4 km).
*️️️️️) Not to be confused with Lagos. We are not in a surfing place.

Volunteers live in an independent area with dormitory (or private rooms when available), shared bathrooms and living room with open kitchen. Washing machine. Pool and hammocks in the small pine field ... Meditation and Yoga practices during free time are very welcome ! We do not accommodate families with young children (under 16) or with pets. We'll send application form to interested volunteers and more info about our daily life when selected and invited.


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This has the potential to be an interesting experience for those who are willing to put in a higher amount of work. There is more responsibly put on the volunteers here than the average work exchange, so if you’re looking for a challenge to build your management skills than this may be for you. Overall, I would recommend this experience to those who are looking for a less chill and more intense experience where they can develop more serious skills.

2 days ago



Harmen & Luisa,
I write this first to say: Thank you for all the things that you have taught me as meditation, eating healthy vegetarianism, and Stoic philosophy. But the MOST IMPORTANT: there are a lot of people NOT interested in the teaching of Osho, so meditation is volunteer not obligatory, the treatment of the volunteers needs to be improved urgently since we are going there to have a Great Experience and not the opposite. Good luck!!

3 months ago



We had a wonderful week in Lombos Garden! The outdoor work in nature was very calming and we learned a lot more about gardening. The meditation and yoga daily sessions were amazing as well. The community has a lot of bright souls and the team is also very welcoming and accepting.

3 months ago



Oshogarden is a really nice place in the middle of nature. It’s a nice way to meet new people from all around the world. The other volunteers were really nice and we had a lot of fun together. On the other hand, there was a lack of communication and one of the two hosts (Luisa) tried to micro manage every single step of the work we were doing. Therefore the 5 pages of rules Chris talks about in his review are a good example. Furthermore she talk bad about other volunteers behind there backs, which I think was very disrespectful. I hope in the future she will be open to the thoughts of others.

5 months ago

harmen replied

It's sad to read your review since we had a good experience with both of you, although there was always a problem of communication with your friend Merle, but, you stayed longer then 1 month as expected, so, it was not a bad experience for you both and for us...
On the other hand, Luisa never speaks behind the back of the volunteers, in fact, her main problem is to be very direct to the volunteers before their arrival and during their staying guiding them to achieve the best result of their work with the less effort.
Using the comments of who stayed with us less then one week not willing to participate in our daily life, can not be compared with you two.
Yes, we do receive volunteers for more then 10 years and, when we provide space for more then 10 persons at the same time, with a constant rotation, is normal that we need clear guidelines to guaranty a clean and organize living for everyone, which was never an issue for you two.. but we understand that you need to protect your friend Merle, as usual.



Beautiful time collaborating with Pujari and Luisa. This is an opportunity to learn about compost, bio charcoal, planting trees and many other tasks related to an ecological and permaculture experience.
It’s located in the countryside, what makes more special, our lifestyle connected to nature, the sky at night, a reasonable distance to the beach, sunrises and sunsets are amazing things that they offer, as well as Yoga and meditation option for everyone who wants to join. It was time for meet other shiny souls and time for reconnect with my inner self.

7 months ago

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