Our Home Gardens

We have a nice home, quiet gardens and many activities in the area if you want to be active. The University of Virginia is at the end of the street.

Also, we are surrounded by forests, mountains and peaceful countryside. You can see on this page a short video about our town.

We are a warm and welcoming household, and we love our volunteers. You'll be part of the family. Many of our helpers remain friends for life. We grow fruit and vegetables - including several kinds of melons and there is also some landscaping work to be done. I run a building/real estate business and two non-profit foundations. I am a happily divorced dad. I'm from England originally, but I have been in the US for many years. It's hard to do everything myself - and it's more fun to have you here! We have two cats, Charlie (16) and Leo (4) - who try to help too! Our volunteer program is intended for guys who are usually 18-30, but please feel free to email even if you are slightly outside that range.

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