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The hostel is a massive ship sailing the concrete jungle of south tel aviv, an oasis in the urban Jaffa. The hostel itself resides in a former textile factory located just off the historic border of the first Tel Aviv neighborhoods and Old Jaffa. We built it with our own hands and work on it everyday to make it nicer and more fun. Inside the place is all wooden floor and we have dorms and privates, AC or not. All new bathrooms and spacious showers are shared. We have both A rooftop sea breeze sun deck upstairs, and downstairs its the chillout yard all sofas, swimming pool in summer , and the occasional party taking place. Here at the hostel we believe in a communal environment. Traveling is our shared passion, and we love having part of our staff be volunteers (many of who are travelers themselves). We are looking for a variety of workers: Reception, Daily Maintenance (cleaning rooms, laundry, etc), Repair Men/Women, and the ALL IMPORTANT Night Receptionist. We also aim to be a home for the (street) arts. Have you got artistic skills? We welcome creative expression in all forms; photographers and graphic designers are especially welcome, and our walls are always ready for new and interesting murals. Come and bring your talent and skills. We are a growing organization; we do our best and learn as we go, from our volunteer family as well as each other. You are welcome to initiate events, offer suggestions and choose projects that best suit your interest and skills.


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I had a great experience at Overstay, the volunteers and staff we are like a family. the manager David is an inspired leader, he makes sure everything run perfectly at the hostel, there are constant communication between the volunteers, stuffs and managers. The atmosphere at the hostel is friendly and respectful. I learned a lot and I had great fun during the volunteering. Please feel free to message me :)

16 days ago


Overstay was one of the best experiences of my life. The atmosphere is super chilled and all the volunteers help each other to work hard and party harder. You can go out to many places in Tel Aviv and you can always have fun inside the hostel with other volunteers and guests. The shifts are very easy and you can always talk with the manager and other volunteers to arrange them if you have other plans. Breakfast and food is included. Israel is an amazing country and is small so you can travel a lot in your days off. Thanks for everything Overstay, hope I can go back soon!!!

4 months ago


Lo recomiendo ampliamente porque el número de viajeros es alto, todos ellos me hicieron sentir como si tuviera una nueva familia. Todos en el Hostal fueron muy amables, todos se preocupaban por mí y yo por todos. El ambiente creado por dejar que haya mascotas fue muy agradable, extrañaré a Cass y a Shubba! En cuanto a la ciudad puedo decir que es un lugar increíble, que combina historia y modernidad, es una ciudad con mucha vida nocturna asi como excelente para la playa. La gente es súper súper amable y dispuesta a ayudar a los extranjeros siempre, sin duda regresaré algún día!

4 months ago


I've have had a very good experience with the hostel, the amazing hosts, volunteers and the environment itself and would certainly recommend it, especially if you are a party person ;)
At the end it made me feel like at home...

4 months ago


I would definitely recommend the hostel to anyone who likes to party, drink and make new friends. I had good times and I met people that I will never forget.

4 months ago

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