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The world is under rapid transformation and Palazzo Pitti is a place where this transformation can be experienced. We are spirit workers and connect with the world. Our place is a haven for those who looking to make a difference in the world. It is a place where Yoga, mindfulness and a holistic lifestyle is important.

Amrit is a yogini and a shaman born in Mexico and is practising Kundalini Yoga for more then 30 years. Sebastian is an international operating architect, designer and artist with the mission to create space for the aquarian time. The place needs dedication and whoever comes and helps should have that dedication inside of her/himself.

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South Africa

I arrived and was not really shown around. A few days after I arrived the other workawayers left. Sabastian and Amarit also for two trips while I was there. I did not have much money for the trip, but I agreed to pay five euros a day mostly because I thought I was going to have a yoga class everyday, but as they were not there for most of the time this was not the case. I felt awkward and uneasy to speak and ask for what I needed, such as food (like onions) because before they left Sebastian said 'do you need anything from the shops because it would be a big hassle to go right now'.

29 days ago

Sebastian replied

Thank you Cristina for you earnest words. It would had been great if you would have shown it in the time being with us. We did not recognise that you felt awkward and uneasy to speak. We had the impression that after the first days of your stay you adapted better.

By the way: we take the 5 € for your share in the house costs.
We do not charge the Yoga.

Every meeting with every person is a new experience. We live up to it and embrace it as good as we can. Now we learned a bit more...

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