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If you enthusiastically help out with the Airbnb, you will have access to the sauna, jacuzzi, theatre, game room in a rustic 3,300 sq. ft. custom ranch style home when the Airbnb is vacant. There is a wide variety of activities to do nearby, and volunteers will have access to hiking, biking, charming resort mountain town with stores, restaurants and breweries. Big Bear is the only 4 seasons resort in Southern California., There are 3 snow resort mountains, Big Bear Lake, Hot Springs, thousand of acres of hiking, wild fauna and flora, off roading, fresh air and pollution free skies year round! You will have the opportunity to prepare and eat meals family style, and most groceries will be provided for personal meals. We will do our best to accommodate any dietary needs via Costco throughout your stay. There is also a farmer's market close by if you want more selection. The 10 Most Christmassy Towns in America,Christmas%20market%20for%20locals%20and%20visitors%20to%20enjoy. Shopping & Entertainment Winter Activities Big Bear Snowplay Alpine Slide Off-Roading Gold Mountain King of the Hammers HIKING Dog Friendly Largest lodgepole pine tree In the world Gold Mountain Castle Rock Hike Searching for Gold 18 Things to do in Big Bear 5 best hidden swimming holes in Southern California Deep creek hike (clothing optional pools) Hot Springs Mono lakes hot springs Kern River Hot Springs Hunting

I create a sense of community with ambition and sarcastic humor. We are in the planning stages of duplicating an aquaponics system that I created on my property in Los Angeles, The Big Bear project will be larger combining all my years of organic farming. The greenhouse build will be underground for a more efficient temperature control. I welcome any suggestions from your past experiences for any of my projects. Whiteboards are currently hung in the volunteer area with an outline and system being created. I welcome any suggestions and always encourage teamwork. Helpers will commit 25 hours a week to help organize, prepare and execute the building of this aquaponics system and help out with the Airbnb. It will be 25 hours a week and a combination of Airbnb, Home improvement and Agricultural. You will help me plant fruit trees, vegetable garden in the Airbnb area and help clean/organize the house for guests. There will also be opportunities to make some money, pet sitting, leading hikes, educational classes for guest's kids, snow equipment tuning/repair, yoga, nutrition, bodywork, etc. but not guaranteed. Your input with the planning for the future aquaponics, subterranean greenhouse and organic pool with be much appreciated. We will be growing lettuce, green onions, bok choy, peppers, zuchinni, cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, etc. We also welcome anyone with cleaning/housekeeping & building skills and LOVE anyone who can use power tools! In return, we offer accommodation ranging from private rooms in the house (with common kitchen & living room) and private 24 foot RV (ideal for couples). We expect you to keep your accommodations clean and in good order, and all tools returned prior to leaving. We provide sheets, beds, pillow cases, comforters, bed warmers, blankets, towels, and you get to use a fully equipped kitchen. We particularly welcome Worldpacker couples and singles who want to stay longer periods of time. (We have a 3 month minimum, but sometimes shorter stays are available on a ""last minute"" basis). We provide some staples, but don't provide/cook meals. Ever so often we host a potluck ""International dinner"" - they're always great fun! In order for the environment to be pleasant for all of us we require outside smoking only, no drug abuse, light alcohol consumption. Be NICE and be open minded! DO your part with assigned household chores NO complaining unless accompanied by solutions Personal hygiene - deodorant is ENCOURAGED! NO drama Please use this opportunity to go out of your comfort zone, learn, grow and share :-)

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This was my first Worldpackers experience. I enjoyed my time here and met some cool people.

1 day ago



The experience was honestly great! It was my first world packers and I was glad I did it. I loved my time in Big Bear and LA. Derrick the host, is very accommodating and helpful. I feel you receive a lot in return for volunteering, the food and accommodation we received was great. The work was always explained to us and I found it easy to follow and our days off were always as said so I could plan in advance. He has bikes for us to use in Big Bear which was great as their is lovely trails. I felt safe in the area and got to meet lovely people. I would definitely recommend paradise ranch!

24 days ago



Me encantó! Fue mi primer voluntariado y realmente fue lo que esperaba, es un pueblo tranquilo y el transporte es gratuito, las personas locales son muy agradables y te ayudan cuando no sabes algo, en cuanto al anfitrión, él siempre está dispuesto a facilitarte las cosas dentro de sus posibilidades, en la casa siempre hubo comida, snack, bebidas y dulces! Realmente es una probada de la vida estadounidense, yo la pasé muy bien, las tareas no son laboriosas y sin duda regresaría a Paradise Ranch!

about 1 month ago

United States


This was my first volunteer stay. I am not here to bash hosts, as he was not bad. But many things he can improve on professionally. I want to leave my honest review so people are aware of what to expect when they come. I felt disrespected by the jokes made by the host. I suggest that there was more communication when issues evolved. If uncomfortable comments were made by him, I felt the host always saw it as a joke and disregarded our feelings on the matter. Aside from that i am grateful for the experience but much room for professional improvement.

about 2 months ago

Paradise replied

When Brianna contacted me for the exchange, I had my doubts it will work out but I still gave her a chance. Unfortunately, my instincts were correct. Brianna brought some drama from past toxic relationships, limited availability with her side jobs and passive aggressiveness towards me and other travelers. Nevertheless, I tried to make it work for being understanding and flexible. She's pleasant but is secretly judging you.

I truly believe laughter is the best medicine and a positive attitude is vital. With all the positive experiences she had during her stay, Brianna chose to broadcast the negatives through her eyes. I wish Brianna the best of luck with her personal healing and to try other coping methods besides using substances.



This was my first wp experience. the host and i didnt click at all, at the start it was fine but at some point i felt like he figured out i didnt like him and he started being rude to me. he also made me feel uncomfortable by making comments about my chest area and talking to the other girls about it. the work and what you get in exchange was good! you get to pick the food you want and have a curtain for your private space. the host gave me a no show review so i couldnt leave a review, whilst i was there the agreed upon time. text me if you want to know more (_lukajansen) bc of text limit.

2 months ago

Paradise replied

Luka asked me if she could stay longer at my properties. Since she did not show any improvements and was even argumentative when spoken to several times, I said no to her request.

Her review is retaliation for me not extending her stay.

Hopefully, she will look back on this experience several years from now when she matures and learn from it knowing she was in the wrong. I learned to ask more questions to make sure future travelers are the right fit and strive for a mutually beneficial exchange.

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