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1. The travelers have a piece wide knowledge concerning community culture exchange. 2. Make us to gaining new knowledge that we don't have. 3. They will live in our countries for at least one month or three without a problem through our NGO policy and will be under the umbrella of its. 4. Our vision will be varnished due to having much time to discuss with foreigners about community development skills. 4. Teaching sports, lessons as lessons, and Must have high Technics in teaching and cancellation of those who have given up life. especially marginalized groups. 5. It's the best way of making skills exchanges in and out of the organization and also it makes them travel at a low cost. 6. They will get low cost in accommodation, visiting national parks rather than using tours/adventure company 7. Through these our goal/mission will be succeeded. YOU ARE ALL WELCOME PARENT AND YOUTH INITIATIVE ORGANIZATION ARUSHA TANZANIA IS ONE OF THE EAST AFRICAN COUNTRIES.

- Teamwork with local staff. - To tell the truth about surrounding and be aware of people/groups is not good. because are important to us (Through vision mission and goal and their own life) - Enjoy journeys /Safaris they like to go, the organization will help them to communicate or Organize instead of them in cheapest cost and avoid fraud to them. - To know much about our culture and indigenous food. Other needs from us either advice on anything concerning their needs and if, an organization will be capable to help them.

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