Parivartan Social Foundation

We are genuine platform that is authorized by State Government and we work for students of Govt school. This itself is a certificate of our genuineness. We are 100% sure that the volunteers will definitely have a unique lifetime experience via 1. Learning a new culture of people of Himalayas who are known for their honestly locally 2. Cherishing their school days by meeting students of Government schools 3. Opportunity to polish their volunteering skills and learning new things from students. 4. After school time or during off school days, an opportunity of enjoying jungle walk, river walk, trekking, mountaineering, camping, etc. as place is full of such places which are unexplored. 5. A stay in hills of Himalayas where food is organic, air is pure and water is better than mineral bottle. 6. Most important our support 24x7 all through their journey to make their experience enjoyable.

We ensure that volunteers do not have to care about their safety and basic amenities so that they can focus on their volunteering. To ensure it, 1. we provide them our best 24x7 support, right from their drop in to Airport 2. provide our volunteering handbook to them so that they know details about us before they start 3. provide support of our on ground staff who act as a guide during their trip 4. help them in finding their interests in nature like jungle walk, river walk, mountaineering, etc. at their free time.

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Contact with nature

Vegetarian / Vegan



Yoga / Meditation