Pastoral Valley Ecological Yoga Farm

Pastoral Valley is known as Turkey's largest Yoga and Meditation retreat center expanding over a 10 acre land. Living and working in a farm with local people - interacting with continuous flow of guests throughout the year, will certainly give you the opportunity to learn things like, traditional Turkish Cuisine, and ıts unique culture. You can also learn a lot about sustainable and ecological farming practices. Volunteers are also encouraged to talk to visiting Yoga / Meditation Instructors to see ıf they can also be a part of their programs - if they are interested.

Our staff members are all from the village next to us...they are our neighbors . They come and start their daily routine, start to work at 8am in the morning and they leave at 6pm - everyday' all year round...for the last 15 years. they are very friendly, accommodating and always good with our volunteer friends

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The experience we had at Pastoral Valley was absolutely amazing. The locals, workers, and volunteers were Al genuine great people which gave the place such an enjoyable experience. Our favourite thing was without doubt the amazing home cooked Turkish food which was provided in three meals each day. I loved working on the farm which produced a noticeable impact and felt greatly fulfilling.

25 days ago



My experience was amazing. Nihat is kind and helpful
Job isn't easy, but the routine is shared in 2 shifts (3h morning + 3h afternoon/evening) so you have chance to resting between the shifts
The farm is beautiful and the employees are very friendly and make an effort to communicate, even when they don't speak English very well. It's a great opportunity to learn Turkish. Food is fresh, homemade and delicious
Pastoral Vadi is far away from the city, so keep in mind that it is a place to relaxing
But it's also easy to go to the beach or city center in your day off, and I recommend doing that

about 1 month ago



I gotta say what a huge advance for me in life like literally before coming here I didn't work so far so I really get to attach to hard working I appreciate how much people have to work for keeping in maintenance of a place like that it's like a big puzzle it's one piece misses something it's not going to be OK. So I felt part of that puzzle. Also I met different personalities who give me ideas or make me realize how I have been living until now. GÖNLÜMDEN HER ŞEYİ İÇİN TEŞŞEKÜR EDİYORUM PASTORAL VADI

about 2 months ago

United States


My time here has been amazing. Have the chance to learned some Turkish. The nature in this place is amazing. The people are super special. The job in the field it’s not that easy because it is a physical job but it’s a good way to learn all that it has to be done so a farm can run. I loved my time here and everything that I learn in this time. The host Nihat is super nice and a person that you can speak about if you don’t feel confortable about something. The time here is to disconnected so keep that in mind, you will be far from anything and the internet is not in all the places.

about 2 months ago



Pastoral Vadi is an Amazing place to really connect with nature, i met Amazing volunteers and involved in the local Turkish Culture, the food is Amazing, vegetarian and always ready for volunteers , i did different things everyday So never got bored, higly recommed this
place and hope to come back one day to this beautiful farm.
i had a camping wich i loved most had the chance to connect with nature and enjoy a cup of Turkush Coffee with a beautiful Sunset thanks all the Workers, Manager,owner and volunteers i had a great time there!

3 months ago

nihat replied

It was a pleasure having you here Jose and thank you so much for everything you have done for the farm I really appreciate it, you are such an hardworker and an amazing person. we will certainly take your suggestions into consideration also

many thanks and you are always welcome back

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