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We are located in a beautiful mountain area at the edge of Switzerland. We have several small ski lifts and one big (Verbier) one next to us. It takes 1h to get to Aosta and 30 min Martigny by car. Geneva is also 2 hours away. We are focusing on providing our residents the best coliving experience so that they both work and play without compromising on either!

We are a small team and I'm often in Brazil... I like to provide a lot of freedom for my staff. Be responsible, proactive and happy! It's currently our low season at the moment so we don't have many guests yet.

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I had a lovely time at the st bernard camp in Liddes and I would recommend, the nature is very peaceful, the staff people were amazing and the food was always great. Damjan always replied to my messages instantly. However, it’s nearly impossible to join the excursions from the kid’s camp and barely any chance to leave the camp or catch a bus. the area is cute but you can walk in like 3 directions. you get shifts throughout the day so you might only have free time 3 hours in the afternoon before working again, and if you want your free day you have to ask for it and work more on another day..

22 days ago



I had a great experience in Switzerland. I came into contact with people from all over the world and was able to experience life in the country. The house and facilities were very good and the staff are very good people. The only thing I think could improve is the organization. We didn't really have a schedule for the tasks, but other than that, I loved my time in Switzerland. A special thanks to Stefan, Phillip, Patricia and Uncle Simon ♥️ hope to see you all again!

24 days ago



We stayed for 1 month at the Braunwald hostel - the first two weeks were during the language camps, and the later two were regular hostel work.
Braunwald and the nature around it are truly breathtakingly beautiful, and for someone who enjoys hiking I'd recommend it in a heartbeat. During the camps there were excursions (Zurich, pool, lake) which we could attend, and there was always something fun to do. After the camps, when we wanted to go somewhere the funicular was usually the most expensive part, so you gotta keep that in mind.
But overall it was an amazing time with wonderful people!

29 days ago



Beautiful views and beautiful people

29 days ago



En mi experiencia, en la aplicación había muchos voluntarios pero resulte ser el
único voluntario en uno de sus edificios , las tareas fueron demasiado extensas, desorganizadas, superando por mucho las 5 hs diarias previamente pactadas.
El lugar y la comida si se cumplieron. El entorno de naturaleza es muy lindo.

Tenes que saber que vas a hacer desde limpieza, cocina, manejar, mudanzas, arreglos, entre tantas cosas mas.

Ah y nunca agradecen tus tareas :)

about 1 month ago

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