Pilliga Pottery/Barkala Farmstay

Friendly & vibrant German family welcomes you to the middle of the bush! We have a large farm with cattle, horses, goats, sheep & heaps of native wildlife-also home to the famous Pilliga Pottery, a large & flourishing creative enterprise with fabulous architecture-mud-brick, straw-bale, rammed earth, local timbers. Native gardens, permaculture veggie garden & orchard. Pottery, café & accommodation open 7 days. Work in gardening, building, farm work, pottery. Leisure activities: horse riding, swimming, bushwalking, bird-watching, pottery, sculpture, artwork, music instruments, milking cow & cheese making available. NSI. Accom for 1-4 in guest cottage or BYO. Meals to suit. Children b.a.

We are a friendly German family run business who lives in the beautiful Pilliga bush. We love extra help on our farm/pottery. There are plenty of jobs here to do, and all the jobs here are not limited to the job description. You will also have opportunities to help out in the pottery if you would like to get creative. We have so much nature around us, and animals, and plenty of bush walks you can do. A typical day at Barkala Farm starts at 8am with a hearty breakfast for everyone. After that we clean the kitchen together and start working on our individual tasks. The work is either going in the accommodations to clean, cook in the kitchen or work in the native gardens / greenhouse (harvesting food, weeding, planting etc.) With pottery work, if you are interested, you can give us a hand in making clay, fixing things or decorating the shop. After work, you can improve your skills on the wheel; it's really not that hard to learn. At 1 pm we have lunch. We eat together; clean the kitchen and cafe and sit afterwards together in the court yard to enjoy each other’s company with a nice coffee or a cup of tea. At 5pm we finish our workday and everyone does their own thing, unless you are on dinner service. The bell rings at 7pm for dinner time. We have between 4 and 6 woofers staying at any time. You would have to share a room, or you can choose to stay in a tent. You can stay as long as you like, the minimum stay is 2weeks. We do have very limited internet. It is only good enough to check emails. Everyone gets a day off in the week to do what they want (sleeping in, going for bush walks, visiting town, painting, reading or watch TV/movies). If you stay for a few more weeks we try to take you on a horse ride as well. You can get a bus ticket from Sydney to Coonabarabran. The company is called Train link. You can book your ticket Online. Have some fun time in Sydney and let us know when you are ready for country life. We will then pick you up from Coonabarabran

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