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Situated right in the center of the best city in the Netherlands, we can offer volunteers an incredible worldpacker experience!! Den Haag is bursting with beautiful beaches and parks, bustling city squares, so much good food and all of that special dutch charm. It's also a stones throw away from some of our other favourite places in the Netherlands, like Delft, Leiden, Rotterdam and who could forget amazing Amsterdam! Our hostel is a little sanctuary in the center of this beautiful international city and really is a home away from home for our volunteers. If you are looking for an exciting and incredibly fun place to volunteer, where you will be able to practice your English, learn how to ride a bike while eating stroopwafles, spend your afternoons exploring this beautiful city and country and also make some life long friends - the Pink Flamingo is the perfect place for you! Please send us a message, we cant wait to meet you! A quick note: While we do our best to reply to every message, sometimes in the high season the demand is super high so we really apologise if we aren't able to get back to you right away!! xoxo

Many of our staff are actually old Pink Flamingo volunteers! So we completely understand all the ins and outs of the volunteer experience. We view our relationship with our volunteers as a mutual collaborative experience - we are all here to learn something from each other. Our staff are here to guide our volunteers through their worldpacker experience and to help them not only to understand their role at the hostel, but also to share in the experience with them.

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I’m satisfied with my experience.
I improved my English, travelled and got to know new people and cultures
The girls at the reception are so nice but
the room is very small, there is no dedicated space for volunteers and there are only a few moments to spend all together.
Work takes up a large part of the day and
the organisation of night shifts is not very good and some of us were obligated to do them.
Overlooking all these things, this experience gave me the opportunity to create in a short time deep and sincere friendships

15 days ago



My experience at Pink Flamingo was good, I met a lot of nice people. I improved my English and traveled a lot throughout the Netherlands.
Unfortunately, before arriving I had high expectations (also reading the other reviews) which I didn't really encounter.
The volunteers' room is very small, the breakfasts have sufficient basic elements and the work takes up a large part of the day.
Every week a family dinner was organized and they give us €15 to make a dinner for 12 people. But often this amount was not delivered to us, and many times we volunteers had to add money.

18 days ago



My stay at the Pink Flamingo was great! Though The Hague is a very underwhelming city, and the weather was bad 95% of the time I spent there, the amazing people I met along the way outweighed it completely<3333 Second family for sure! Be prepared, that there is a high cleaning standard, that you have to keep up with and accept. So if you don't mind cleaning, then it's really no problem. The (sweetest) reception is nice and respectful about it, and everything was within agreement. And not to forget Gekke's, the best bar in The Hague (1€beer<33). All in all a very good experience.

25 days ago

United States


I had a good time at this hostel and made a lot of friends. The work is fair but is quite physical. The volunteer room is super small and cramped. I appreciate the pre-planned schedule and days off. The staff is welcoming but could improve open communication with volunteers and at times I felt like we were treated as children. Overall I would highly recommend but be ready for it not to be perfect like some other reviews suggest!!

27 days ago



Volunteering at Pink Flamingo was such an amazing, human connected experience. After a rough start on the very busy first days, I spent almost two months there and it was fantastic. Some people that I met there are gonna stay in my heart, and I hope I’ll have the chance to see them again. The job is not too difficult, and leaves a lot of time to have fun, and to discover The Hague and other places around. The hostel is in perfect location, the city is really enjoyable, and having the beach nearby is so nice ! I would definitely recommend going there, and I would definitely do it again !

about 1 month ago

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