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We are first and foremost a hospitality business. You may at any time run into guests of the inn, so you can never have a bad day, you must always behave in a friendly manner. if you have bad moods or are reliant on pills to make you happy, this is not the place. We provide you with a letter which will allow you to visit most of the attractions of the city for free. You are expected to work only two hours per morning. But if you are around in your time off, you still have to be nice to the guests! When this COVID thing is over we usually have field trips to nearby places. Normally there is a place nearby that teaches free English courses, but they have been closed since the start of Covid. We do expect you to make the effort to improve your English even though there may be others here who speak your language.

We treat you with courtesy and friendliness. We will train you to clean to the standards we expect. You will have to clean toilets and sweep and mop under beds and pay attention to detail. If you cannot or do not want to look under beds, then this is not the place for you. We will take you grocery shopping once a week if you need to go. We can provide a bicycle for you to get around town, but you will be responsible to lock it up to ensure it doesn't get stolen, this is a college town so there are bicycle thieves!


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The host is an excellent person, offers a comfortable stay, teaches you about the culture of the site and shows you beautiful places that a tourist can't get to know. This is my first trip as a volunteer and I exceed all my expectations.

16 days ago



The Pirate Haus is a great place to work. The work is fair and the accommodations provided are very comfortable and homey. The team was great and friendly, we even went on a tubing trip together. You also get a paper that lets you go to a bunch of places for free - museums, boat tours, alligator farm, etc. The work leaves you with plenty of time to explore St. Augustine, or even get a second job (which is very easy to find). There is also a bike you can use to go to the beach or just ride around town. I would definitely recommend this experience.

about 1 month ago



The Pirate Haus was my very first Worlpackers experience. It was a great experience to the point that I decided to extend it from the initial month to two! Conrad is a great host, made me feel instantly welcomed Addie made working and living at the Pirate Haus memorable. The sleeping accommodations are cozy and clean. Everyone takes care of each other and of the facilities. The work is quite simple and can be easily done. The town of St Augustine is lively and thanks to the Pirate Haus I was able to visit many of the attractions for free. A fantastic experience!

2 months ago



Estou sendo muito bem recebida, mesmo em um período delicado como agora por conta do caos corona vírus, o hostel fechado, eles ainda assim foram hospitaleiros e compreensíveis fornecendo estadia e as refeições conforme pre-estabelecidos, aqui com certeza é um lugar onde você se sente seguro. A cidade é muito bonita e histórica, o ambiente do hostel é acolhedor e Laura e Conrad são pessoas legais e gentis.

over 1 year ago

Conrad replied

Yasmin was AWESOME! Everyday she was up working without any supervision. We took her out on some side trips and had fun (just make sure she leaves her phone in the car when going rafting!) She is a supersweet chica and we wish nothing but the best for her in Brazil. Hope to keep in touch.

United States


The Pirate Haus is a wonderful place to work, particularly if you can be self motivated. Hours are not long and work is not strenuous. Laura the manager is very accommodating to staff needs, when they are communicated. This can certainly be a home away from home.

over 1 year ago

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