Pirate Haus Inn

We are a small, pirate themed hospitality business. You will be around fun families and couples that are happy about traveling. You must always be positive and friendly.

St. Augustine is a lovely place with a Spanish fort, a harbor full of sparkling sailboats, pleasant weather, and busy nightlife. We provide you with a letter which will allow you to visit most of the attractions of the city for free. We sometimes go on field trips to a nearby Florida spring or hostel in the forest. There is a place nearby that teaches free English courses when the pandemic allows.

You are expected to work only a couple hours each morning. The work is every day but it is short and simple cleaning. You will be cleaning a few areas, it involves making beds, wiping a toilet, washing dishes, picking up trash, and sweeping and mopping. We provide gloves and masks and sanitizer.

We treat you with courtesy and friendliness. We will train you to clean to the standards we expect. You will have to clean toilets and sweep and mop under beds and pay attention to detail. If you cannot or do not want to look under beds, then this is not the place for you. There is exercise involved in cleaning. In this location you can walk most places, sometimes we can help you with finding a bicycle to go further in town if you wish. The Pirate Haus is a one of a kind place and always good memories! We have 15+ years of hosting happy work exchangers and many of them say this was their favorite place.

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This was my first experience as volunteer and it was really amazing and perfect because the tasks are easy and 2h ish is perfect so you can have all the rest of your day to enjoy your journey !
Jenny is an amazing host she is so comprehensive and gentle in his way of managing volunteers.
I recommend this place !
thanks Jenny and Dawn for this amazing experience !
Ps : thanks to Oreo too because he was a good teammate who helped me a lot in my tasks !

about 1 month ago



Minha experiência em Pirate Haus Inn foi incrível, eu amei cada dia que vivi lá!
As instalações são confortáveis, o horário de trabalho e as atividades são extremamente justas, as pessoas educadas e gentis. É um bom ambiente, um doce lar! Eu fortemente recomendo este voluntariado.

4 months ago



Pirate Haus el lugar donde siempre quieres regresar!! Hermosa ciudad, el hotel está en pleno centro turístico lleno de historia y oportunidades recomendadisimo!!!
El staff es espetacular..te sientes en casa!!!

7 months ago

United States


Fun place , a lot of things to do nearby. Jenny is very welcoming and she is a great host.

8 months ago

United States


The owner and manager really work with you to bring out the best in your skills and they care that you are happy in your stay.

The hours and tasks are fair. If you don't understand something, it is safe to ask openly, their management style doesn't hurt your feelings or make you feel embarrassed for asking to learn or for clarification. They really work with you to make it fun as you clean rooms and do side tasks.

Lots of AC and plenty of things to explore and do in the town. Enjoying the city is encouraged.

It was a pleasure and I thank you for the experience.

10 months ago

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