Pizzeria Dalilí

Here you will have the opportunity, by working among a young and friendly team in a most tropical context, to discover the great biodiversity and dream beaches of Costa Rica immersed in the caribbean culture. The mix of central american spanish, jamaican english, creole and indigenous dialects make of this place a very particular land of cultural exchange. In addition to this the many foreigners like us who came here to settle and appreciate the local rhythm of life. You'll be at their contact and get to learn or perfect your languages knowledge The working hours, all at dusk, are few, and will allow you to have your whole day free to enjoy the amazing weather of that dream coast Here you can enjoy a constant summer in a nature paradise, surf or swim in constantly hot water, go snorkeling and diving on the living coral barrier, watch exotic animals all around, chill out on dream beaches surrounded by green everywhere, escape to isolated waterfalls, visit indigenous reserves and traditional houses, discover cacao and coffee plantations, enjoy caribbean tastes and music rhythms !

We, Dalila and Florent, are respectively from Italy and France. Passionate of food, travel and sport, we both live a simple life in contact with nature The team working with us in the pizzeria is composed of a pizzaiolo, long-term friend of Dalila, from Napoli, a cook from Venezuela, and a dishwasher/cleaning lady from Costa Rica We'll eat together every evening, as this is for us an important moment of conviviality and exchange between the team members. And of course, up to you, we can have time together out of working hours to go chill around and visit the surroundings !

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