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Once there you have all you need to live - in a community.
I had no idea what it was about before. I am glad I do now. You don't leave the same way you arrived. If development and fun is what you're looking for don't miss this chance. All sorts of incredible people.
There is a website, check it. Get directions before going and take the bus from Mechelen.
About work and free days: exact 5 hours of work. But you are expected to help with other tasks too. Dishes one day, dinner the other and so on.
I skipped work to go cycling one afternoon with others and it was perfectly ok. Love.

4 months ago


Plukrijp is a fascinating place that everyone should try, at least one week. It is impossible to sum up the experience, so I will just say that many interesting things are both tought and learn here.

Many useful information about carpentry or gardening notwithstanding, it is the esence of this place what matters. A nice comunity does its best to create the best working and living atmosphere, in which every subject is discussed and shared. Moreover, amazing food!

The only thing is that you only have Sunday mornings off, not 2 days as exposed.

Hope to go back some day.

5 months ago