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**We have closed our hostel until the end of the year and are only operating the guesthouse. We therefore won't be taking any volunteers for the rest of 2020 (and probably not until around March of 2021)**. We are a hostel and guesthouse in Waterford city in the sunny south-east of Ireland. Due to Covid restrictions we have closed the hostel until the end of the year so the business is currently operating only as a guesthouse. Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland (1100 years old!) - it's an hour and three quarters from both Cork and Dublin and well served by rail and buses. The city itself has lots of festivals and plenty to see and do. Nearby there are some of Ireland's nicest beaches and surf spots at Tramore and Dunmore East. The property is split between a hostel and a guesthouse and we are looking for help with all aspects of the place - cleaning, changing beds, laundry and very importantly, talking and socialising with the guests. Sometimes in winter we also need help with basic maintenance (painting & decorating etc.). Other than that a big part of the placement is to look after the guests and be sociable with them (invite them to play cards if you're playing, or out to the pub if you're going out). We want guests (and of course helpers) to find our hostel a friendly place and to have a great experience in Waterford and having friendly helpers is a really important part of that. Otherwise we do expect volunteers to look after areas when they're in them (so if there are dirty dishes in the kitchen or a bin needs to be emptied we expect volunteers to look after those issues). This part of the job probably only takes 5 minutes a day but is really critical as we need all areas to be nice and clean and looking well for the guests. We also require all volunteers to speak English (you don't need perfect English but we don't like guests feeling excluded from conversations so require helpers to attempt to speak English). If you would like to apply, please let us know when you think you would like to come, and also if you have any specific skills that might be useful - we're keeping an open mind. Where we offer a space for the next few weeks we can only hold it for a couple of days before offering to someone else if we don't hear back. We generally ask for at least a month from volunteers. The help is 4 hours a day, 5 days per week (some weeks we may need you to work an extra day but you'll get the extra day off the previous week or the next week if that happens - at the end of a full month everyone has their first and last days free as well as eight others). We can only take people with EU passports or valid work visas for Ireland - please confirm in your application that you have one or other of these (otherwise we will assume you don't and will have to decline your application). You will be sharing a room with other volunteers but we are accepting fewer volunteers this year so are unable to be sure how many there will be. We prefer people travelling solo as we've found they soicalise with the guests more - we do occasionally take pairs of friends but not couples I'm afraid. Thanks!

You will get a bed and basic breakfast (toast, cereal etc) every day, - if volunteers wish to cook dinner together as a group we provide a modest budget to do so. Where volunteers cook only for themselves no budget is provided. There's no hassle if you can't cook but if another volunteer is cooking we request that others help. Beds are in a shared room with other staff and may be mixed. Otherwise, we will do whatever we can to make your trip to Waterford as enjoyable as possible. Since the dynamic of the hostel & guesthouse changes all the time, it's hard to know exactly how things will be, but we think is an enjoyable opportunity for someone looking to see the South East of Ireland and help with what we think is a fun, sociable place to work. You'll definitely learn something - apart from improving your English, volunteers have fun and hang out together and tend to learn lots from each other - how to cook weird dishes from each others countries, how to play guitar, how to draw, paint, etc etc etc.


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You will absolutely love this place!

- Ciaran, Magda, Mario and Kristian who work at the hostel are the most friendly people on the world, I'm glad i met them on my road

- Probably you'll meet other volunteers from other countries because Portree Hostel is very active on Worldpackers and HelpX

- The job is easy, never more then 4 hours and don't worry if you don't know something, they will always help you with patience and love

- The city is awesome, a mix of history, nature and street art that make everything magic

I don't have anymore space to write so i will just say: Thank you very m

over 1 year ago



The moment I stepped in I felt welcome. Ciaran, Mario, Kristijan and Magda are truly wonderfull people. We were in total with 7 volunteers and had so much fun together. There was a lot to see around the area. The hostel itself is good and has everything you need. For the work, the hours are more than fair and it isn't hard at all, with a lot of free time. Ciaran thank you so much for the opportunity. I would love to come back!

over 1 year ago



I don’t have enough words to describe the time I spent in Portree. This was my first experience in Worldpackers and I it couldn’t have been better. Since I arrived I felt really at home. Ciaran, Magda, Kristian and Mario are always ready to help you in everything and do everything in order for you to have the best exprience ever.The work is very easy and fun.The time passes quickly . You have a lot of free time to explore everything arround. I was a part of a team with of 7 volunters and I can say I made friends for life. Thank you. I just wish I could stay longer. I already miss it

over 1 year ago



The experience was ok, I met a lot of people from different countries and I made a lot of real friends. I was in Portree for 2 weeks and the plan was stay there for almost 4 weeks, and then go to Galway to find a job and live there. But I got a job before and I told Ciaran that I would need to leave the hostel in 5 days to start my new job in Galway and he just said me: ok, you need to leave the hostel tomorrow. So, I needed to leave the hostel without a place to stay, without time to search for a place. So, that's it, in general, the experience was ok, but we are just numbers for him.

over 1 year ago

Ciaran replied

I must dispute some of what you say.
You had said that you would be leaving in 3 or 4 days (not 5) in order to get settled in Galway, so you ended up leaving 2 days earlier than your request.

As was explained to you, we needed you to leave as we were closing in 2 weeks and needed to quickly find and train a replacement in order to solve the problem that you’d created.

We are very fair with all volunteers and understanding when situations arise unexpectedly, but in your case this wasn’t an unexpected situation. You knew that you were unlikely to stay until the end of the period but made promises that you would anyhow. When it suited you to leave you expected that we shouldn’t find a replacement but instead wait until the date you preferred, even though 2 other volunteers were already leaving that day.

In the end you had to pay for an alternative hostel for 2/ 3 nights and are angry about that. But the responsibility for what happened is entirely your own and your expectation that we shouldn’t try to resolve the problem you created is an unreasonable one.



It has been my first experience in volunteering and the truth is that I am very happy, the work is not demanding and you have the opportunity to meet many people from all countries, I recommend it to everyone!

over 1 year ago

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