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Hi, I am Fernanda Sánchez from Ecuador. My family and I have been starting a new small 'bed and breakfast' close to the new airport in Quito, this is a family entrepreneurship that started in 2013... now I am putting a permaculture project in place on the same property of the B&B (2 hectares). I did a Permaculture Design Course in Australia with Geoff Lawton and after I finish with my own design I hope to be able to teach about it. My sister, she did Ecotourism as her undergraduate degree and she is running the hostel, my parents (the owners) live with us supporting us in everything we need.

To volunteer with us you are going to have the opportunity: - To share with my family, with the employees of the hostel that are local people from the rural community, with a small family that is living with us helping with the permaculture project, and with the animals (we have one donkey, one lama, two sheeps, chickens, ducks, 4 dogs and a cow. - To help with the B&B management to learn what a small hostel needs to work ok!, how to treat with the passengers, with the agencies, etc. - To improve your Spanish, my sister and I speak fluent English and we are more than happy to help you with your Spanish. My parents don't speak English, they need to learn though (my father speaks a bit)! - To practice other languages, the hostel receives people from everywhere! - To learn and share knowledge about permaculture and agroecology - To bring ideas and take away experiences - To plant, plant and plant as many plants and trees that you want - To learn about waste management, recycling, composting, etc. - To learn by doing in the farm... It is amazing how much you can learn about plants, insects, fungus, soil, water harvesting systems, natural pesticides, etc. - To taste the organic food that is being produced in the farm - To participate in "mingas" (cooperative traditional Andean way to work in community to reach a common goal), sharing with the community - To experience a rural area in Ecuador with all its traditions, food, culture and festivals - To live in a very nice and peaceful place close to a beautiful mountain with a nice view - To live 40 minutes away from Quito, the capital of Ecuador, so if you want to go there during the weekends it is very easy! - To live in a strategic area in the Ecuadorian highlands, since where you can travel few hours to some of the beautiful touristic attractions in the country Also, I am visiting other projects constantly, meeting with people involved in permaculture or eco-villages during the weekends, selling products at markets, etc., so if you are interested about those topics you are more than welcome to join me!!! We are open to your interests; you can volunteer with the farm, or with the B&B, or hopefully with both. We would plan your activities for the week if you want to volunteer at both projects so your time would be nicely distributed! (Not heavy workload!) So, as you can see this is a very complete experience about improving and practicing your Spanish, knowing about Ecuadorian culture, about ecotourism management and permaculture or organic farming. We ensure you a very nice living atmosphere and an unforgettable experience!


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Fernanda estaba un poco alejada del proyecto por cuenta de otros proyectos que tienen, así que el aprendizaje se ha vuelto un poco perjudicado y el trabajo se ha convertido básicamente en trabajo manual, no que eso sea necesariamente el problema, pero como se trata de un proyecto organico y con muchas cosas diferentes pretendía haber aprendido más en un mes que me quedé. La finca es muy bonita y la gente agradable, tuve un problema puntual en relación a poder o no compartir con los empleados de la finca el tiempo libre pero fue solucionado conversando con Fernanda.

about 4 years ago



Mirolindo is such an amazing place. I spent two weeks learning a lot from Fernanda. She is an expert of permaculture and organic farm. Almost everyday I was doing something new : taking care of the plant, the trees, the animals.
I felt like a part of the family during these two weeks.
I recomend this experience to any traveler who wants to learn in the nature.

over 4 years ago

Fernanda replied

Thanks Thibaud (Tibo jeje)!!! We are already missing you!! hehe.. have fun and enjoy your trip!!!

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