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My Hostel is a backpacker's dream that came true. While I was traveling I wondered how awesome would be if one day I could be the host myself and travel whithout leaving my place. The idea of receiving people from all over the world and make than feel home at my own home. After all, feeling at home is a state of mind and not a place itself.

Here, we are always open to learn from our guests, friends and employees and now we want to learn new things from the Worldpackers travelers. So, feel free to collaborate with your ideas and skills! Our goal is to keep our Hostel always with a good vibe!


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My time at Boi Bumba was great. Jefferson, Caroline, Taciana and Janine were all very nice to me. I did the night shift 3 times a week and then I had plenty of time to go around João Pessoa and visit nearby beaches.

over 1 year ago

Jefferson replied

For us too was one great experencie ...


It was my first experience and I really loved! They give me all support and was fair about my work time. They gave the schedule to me at my first day, so I could plan all my trip in advance, without concernings. The staff was easy to work with and also helped me when I needed it! Thanks all!!!

almost 2 years ago

Jefferson replied

For us too was one great experencie ...

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