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The school receives foreigners or anyone who can help with the English classes, people who wish to help out with the house(school) and helping students to earn more skills in speaking, writing, listening, and understanding of the language, here you will also be practicing Portuguese, the school offers free Portuguese classes while your are here helping, there are 2 rooms with a double bed in each and a private bathroom used for both rooms, in the kitchen you will be able to cook, there’s a refrigerator, a stove, microwave, blender and all the things a normal kitchen would have, there are two dogs in the house as well, Jacky and Suzy, 2 adorable Yorkshires. The school is full of friends, students, friends of students all the time, so a lot of interaction happens, the school also has partners, for example at barbershops and night clubs, that way we can get discounts and free entrance in some. Fun atmospherics, music all the time. The main idea is to talk to students and make friends, Gay-friendly place as well.

My name is Ricardo Lisboa, I'm 30 years old, i lived in the US for 8 years, from 1998 until 2006 We are a language school that offers English, Spanish and French classes ( but mostly English).There's a secretary named Daniela, she's a lovely lady with a 1 year baby (who's herre only in the morning). There's another person living in the house beside me, her name is Uenia she's 25 years The school has accommodation, you will be living inside the school,where you will help with the classes by doing teaching and conversation with the students in exchange. More information like pictures can be send via email.

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If you are a social and unconventional person, Prime Idiomas is definitely the place to be.

Definitely great place from socializing. Already missing the Happy Hour. Where is my Caipirinhaaaaaa !!!!

Thanks again for your generosity.

over 1 year ago

Perfect for you if you're looking for