Proyecto Carayá

The centre is located at around 80 km from Cordoba in the province of Cordoba. It occupies 360 hectares in mountains, rivers, waterfalls and forests at 1,350 meters above sea level. The region is very remote – 11 km away from the closest village of La Cumbre. The program of the centre consists of various stages of physical, psychological and social rehabilitation; or "we teach the monkeys to be monkeys again". In the centre we work with orphan monkeys turned "mistakenly" into pets. All have been taken from their natural habitats to satisfy the pet trade and to be held as exhibits in zoos. All the monkeys have come from voluntary hand-ins, seizures by the government, zoo’s etc, from throughout the country. The “Proyecto Carayá” was the first place in Argentina where the Black Howler Monkeys bred successfully outside their native habitat. This species is considered worldwide “difficult to maintain in captivity” – generally it does not survive and/or reproduce in zoos. There are more than 100 monkeys, which live FREE in 9 sectors within the refuge. There are also a few monkeys that cannot live with other monkeys or prefer to be alone or with humans. PAYING: You will be expected to pay for the full duration of your stay on your first day of arrival. Payment should be made directly to Alejandra Juarez (the Project Manager). We suggest that you be prepared in advance, by bringing the payment in cash with you in the following currencies: Euros, American Dollars or Argentinean Pesos. Payment by credit card or checks or by any other means cannot be accepted. If you have any queries about this, please contact us (BEFORE arrival!) an English speaking Volunteer Coordinator can be contacted through this e-mail. Rates: 2 week = 700 USD for person/ 3 week = 900 USD for person/ 1 month = 1000 USD for person/ 2 month = 1800 USD for person/ 3 month = 2000 USD for person. For a stay longer than 3 months, you can make special arrangements with the volunteer coordinator.

We expect from volunteers: Love for animals and the desire to protect them. To possess no fear of animals, especially not of dogs, because there are plenty It’s not necessary to be a university or high school student. Patience and dedication are required.

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