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South Serbia + Nature + Art + Great Food + Creative South Serbia is really beautiful, amazing nature, friendly people, cheap tasty food, nice events, live concerts, great taverns, craft beer... - City of Vranje - I was born here, have a house in the center. Very interesting old city - City of Nis - My Office is here - Sokobanja - The most touristic place in Serbia, a very famous Spa center in the Beautiful Nature. I have 2 weekend houses there I can show you nice Ordinary Streets, Local Places, Art and Culture in the South, Good Restaurants, or you can research it by your own

Hello People from around the World, I am a person who is in love with art and nature. Finished the Faculty of Economics, in the past I was working in the Stock Markets and Banks, but now I'm working in the Creative Field most of the time, as Film Director and Audio and Video Editor. I am also a film critic and a writer, I write about music too. I am playing tenor saxophone and organizing board games meetups in Nis. My favorite music genres: blues, jazz, alternative, hard rock, rock'n'roll, metal, irish (celtic), neoclassical, singer-songwriter, country... Other Interests: literature, writing, poetry, paintings, chess, video games... Nice to meet you :) Updated: 07. 12. 2022.

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