Quinta do sol

You will benefit from multi-language-kids speaking space, living on top of a beautiful mountain, near to a medieval castle and city, near to the Spain border, so you can enjoy your free time and explore another places and countries. You can live the experience of staying in an old-english-gipsy-caravan, with a permaculture landscaping design outside. Quinta do Sol is a place to share, teach and learn. Here you can learn about water management, eco-building, gardening, recycling, upcycling, survival, wood working and about new cultures and languages - because you will stay in touch with people from many places. That is also a good opportunity if you like to cook or try new foodies. You can climb, walk through a medieval-stone-path, swim in a natural lac or river, enjoy yoga or meditation time - you will be close to wild nature in a small paradise.

In a lovely place with old cork trees and spring water, we are a small community building an Oasis for the next generation. We live with 4 adults, 4 children, 3 cats, 1 dog and lots of wild animals ;) Coming from childhood dream to live in a treehouse, we start this project 5 years ago, in a small caravan in the forest, on the slope off a mountain. We are restoring a farm to create a refuge in a very privileged place to care for people and especially children. In january 2020, we are looking for handy people to finishing to build the yoga room under the round house, and also pizzeria project and kids workshop in the village. Sometimes you can play with the kids or do some gardening. The food is vegetarian and accommodation is camping: you can stay in a gipsy caravan, tente, tipi or in a green-roof-barn. You can use the hot shower and kitchen. It is simple, but lovely, specially in summer or spring time. We are looking for open-minded people, with autonomy, that loves learn and share. For long term, we are looking for permanent gardener in permaculture management. Me Fred, Alice, Olmo, Hari, Kali, Olwen and Barbara are waiting for you!


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Ficamos cerca de 1 mês na Quinta do Sol e aprendemos muitas coisas... desde projetos de construção, restauração, criação até palavras em francês, como fazer compotas e conservas com azeitona e até improvisamos uma chocolateria. Fomos a festivais, fizemos noites de pizza, conversamos muito e fomos recebidos como parte de uma grande família que é a Quinta do Sol.
Alice, a fada, às vezes panda, e Olmo, o mago, são crianças mágicas e com muita energia. O Fred se tornou um grande amigo!
Obrigada Fred e a todos da Quinta! Esperamos voltar um dia.
Um abração!


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