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If you're travelling and if you're looking for a fun and quirky place to help out, this is it! We're a small hostel, on the outskirts of the city Groningen. We're very DIY and we're trying to maintain a garden as well. We can surely use help with this! Our place is always evolving, we're never not building new cool things. This year we have a cool dome-tent we're renting out for glampers and we're managing a camper parking spot in the area as well. Pretty diverse.

Anika and Anna are the owners of the hostel. During the summer Susy from Finland will also be part of the staff. So you'll be joining a very small team that can work hard and have some fun along the way. Volunteers will be staying in their own small (basic) caravan and sharing the bathroom facilities with the other guests.


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It was a really good experience, the job was not hard, I had my own caravan to sleep, everything was clean and organized and the hostel owners are really great and understandable people, it's a nice place to rest and the city has everything someone needs. I really enjoyed and recommend it.

20 days ago



This was a truly lovely experience! As a volunteer, I was able to stay in my own caravan which was a really cozy place to sleep in. The hosts are extremely sweet and patient, and very flexible. There were also plenty of opportunities for me to practice my Dutch with the hosts and some guests and even with a few locals from Groningen! The hostel itself is an incredibly nice and welcoming space, with its own private mini beach and thoughtfully creat decorations around the kitchen and living room areas. The hours are very minimal and the work is easily doable! Highly recommend this experience. 😊

about 1 month ago

United States


Rebel Rebel is wonderful! The owners An&An are super understanding, easygoing, and friendly.

The work is very manageable. The sleeping caravan is quite spartan, but the common area is quirky and comfy and a good place to hang out.

I have no complaints. You should come here and volunteer, too!

almost 3 years ago

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