Red Emperor

Our vision is to create Pöllküll Ecofarm with a primary focus on ecologically sustainable farming and tourism, regenerative systems through education, advocacy, local community and alliance building with sustainable materials. The 14.5 hectares of land at Metsavahi tee enables us to establish small-scale, diversified farming and to mainly use permaculture design, focus on no-waste management, no-dig market gardening and pastured poultry production. The already existing woodland, the land’s water retention ability and the size of the land is perfect for our plan. With similar examples of regenerative farming across Germany, Denmark, Sweden or even the UK, we have learned that a plan like this requires constant learning and sharing in the eco farming community. Establishing not only a farm but a learning hub is key to success. This is why we plan to build ten small wooden cabins and be able to accommodate our seasonal workers or other farmers, families, kids during summer vacation visiting to participate and learn our methods. Estonia has its own climate zone and examples here would help a new generation of farmers who want to restore soils and feed their local communities whilst making a good living from it. Workshops such as Making maple syrup, how to grow and harvest mushrooms and even how to pickle and preserve produce. We believe that seeing and experiencing the life in a small countryside community and also the opportunities it has to offer could make life outside of Tallinn more appealing to young people. Furthermore, connecting those communities together into a bigger system could be life-changing for many.

My Name is Craig Gibson and I moved to Estonia in 2010. Upon returning to Australia after traveling for almost 4 years I missed Estonia more than I missed my birth country while traveling so I returned and claimed Tallinn as my new home. With a small group of friends we built a creative space, a buzzing bar and hostel which welcomed people from all walks of life and built a bridge between locals and expats. Red Emperor Bar quickly became popular with musicians, young people, students and artists and had been seen as cultural venue in the Old Town of Tallinn. As much as I was grateful for the success with the bar multiple years of city life tired me out and I began to look for connection with nature. Together with my partner we bought land, built home and restarted our life in Leetse. Since moving here our mindset changed. Living in symbiosis with nature made us realise that we can not bring our habits from the city life to countryside and continue as we were before. I started thinking more about my own as well as companies footprint and what we could do so we were part of the solution not the problem.

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