Refugio Cordillera

The hostel was made for people who enjoy comfort, tranquility, and excellent hospitality. It is located outside of Bariloche (Circuito Chico, the route to Llao Llao, Km. 18) on paved roads. This makes it very easy for you to start your long excursions to Nahuel Huapi or short day trips to the many points of interest in the Bariloche area. After your long trips or short day trips from Refugio Cordillera, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets and incredible night skies in all of Patagonia.

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Foi minha primeira vez com o Worldpackers e não poderia ter sido melhor! Ganhei muito mais que experiência e aprendizado: ganhei novos e queridos amigos e me senti em casa. Está mais que indicado, foi bem divertido e produtivo o tempo que fiquei por aqui, aprendi muito e tive muito mais que todo apoio e flexibilidade em tudo que precisei e... espero voltar e logo para agregar, compartilhar e me inspirar muito mais com essa equipe e lugar, também incrível! Só GRATIDAO pelo apoio, oportunidade e irmandade compartilhada! Para o alto e avante! ;)

7 months ago


Unbelievable!!! It was more than I expected, Refúgio Cordillera is a really paradise and each part there is positive energy. Andy is the owner, was one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life, generous, patient and with a very big heart, met his whole family and his friends, who are now also my friends! Every day I was happy. The hostel is an amazing and magical place, when Andy plays the drums with our friend Damian gets you hypnotized so much positive energy, do not need anything else to be happy. Thank you Andy for this opportunity, thank you =)

almost 3 years ago

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