Require volunteer to run our family based BnB,will be paid

We require volunteers who would want to help us in the reception and cleaning out guest house. We have a small family based guest house in Kolkata,India.
You will paid a small amount as well for your kind help.
We will be ecstatic to share our time,story and laughter with you throughout.Hopefully and most importantly,both of us will be able to create a life long memory beyond just a host and travellers.

🏨We would appreciate your cooperation for 25hrs/week.🥗All your stay and food will be free.

☆ If you are very social and curious and want to be among our family all the time and participate in whatever you may want.We will absolutely have no problem with anything!

I live here with our family which includes,our parents, and a dog. We are living in this area since our great grandfather's time.And because of the family lineage we are a well known family in the society too.We have recently started our BnB for tourists,out of our interest of meeting new people. While you are with us,you will be treated like a family member too.Meaning,we will laugh together,pull each others leg,fun together,go out together,eat together without crossing the personal space.We understand that the foundation of any relation is respect.

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