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Hi 😁 we are two young Brother and Sister Alvaro(27) & María(21) joining together on this project by our passion for the enviroment and social education. We get this old farm to create an example of sustainable house and lifestyle for the world. We are a Surf & Permaculture School, where people can stay and learn about Surf and Sustainable life. We also have an integrated Hotel to Power this project. The SurfFarm is located in Asturias, a small region named Natural Paradise in the North of Spain where King Pelayo started the Reconquer of Spain against musulmans 1300 years Ago. The farm is placed in a special protection Area "El Sueve" mountain range at Ribadesella Village and just 3.8km from Vega Beach, one of the best Surfbeaches in Spain.

During the High Seasson( june, July, Agoust, September) we need help with both Hotel and Farm. By the other side, during low seasson we want to make a Co-Living Space where people can come to develop their projects on a nature and Chill Space, while eating eco food, learning how to Surf or enjoying nature Sports. For Co-Living we have 2 options: -Come as a regular Voluntering program -Send us your Project Idea. If it is a Sustainable Project wich helps the world, we will provide you with bussiness help and assistance, financial investment, food, surf and private Space for proper focusing without working. We Just ask for a small % to keep powering other projects. We want you to have Happy Work. -During Low Seasson we work monday to Friday about 5 hours a day 24h/week. Then you will have freeweekend to explore Asturias Paraiso Natural -During High Seasson you will work on shifts 4h45min/day 5days/week and 2 free days We need help with different Projects in the farm such us: -Laws. We have a Non porfit organization and need people with Experience in laws and ONG. -Blockchain. We are developing some Blockchainprojects and need people with experience -Bioconstruction: N Need to build 2 wooden houses, make a stable for hourses and sheeps, build a chickenhouse, make a new wood floor for the main house... -Gardening : Need help with agriculture and some gardening mainteinance -During High Seasson ( June, july, Agoust, September ) will provide you with an accomodation on big Shared room of 4 people on a regular bed (90cm) and space for your Stuff. For food we give breakfast and sometimes some lunchs and dinners but not always. You will have 2 kitchens to cook inside and outside. -During Low Seasson will provide you with the most comfortable accomodation we can, minimun same as High Seasson, but if you stay long time can give you private space. For food give you some Seassonal farm food when it is harvest.You will have 2 kitchens to cook inside and outside. You could use all the facilities of the SurfFarm At your stayment you will learn how to make yourself richer as person and how to life in harmony with the world. We Live Local and that is what we want you to learn, will teach you about the region, people, food and lifestyle in order you can teach others and help us to spred our message. We are Sealovers and would like you connect with the world through the energy of the ocean. Surfmaterial will be provide and let join surfclasses as long as it would be possible. If you want to know about Farming and Permaculture that is your place🤙🏽♻️ During High Seasson there is a lot of cultural activities and parties going on close from here. There is a small bus that goes to the village of Ribadesella(15minutes) where you can hang out. 1km from the house there is a creek with waterfalls where you can jump and swim. 3.8km there is Vega Beach with Summer beachclubs with livemusic and nightlife. If you like mountains we are located 25km from European peaks Natural Park. If you want to know where you come from must visit The Asturias Jurasic museum just 20 km from here. There is a small local Bar/Supermarket 800m from the farm. Big supermarket 4 km. I have been surfing around the world many years and never seing as beautifull beaches as Llanes has, just 10km from here. If you come During Low Seasson(My favourite) there is no many people around apart of our community just nature, beautifull landscape, villages to visit, local restaurants to go, hikings to do, mountains to climb, beaches to Surf, cleafs to jump,tattoos to draw, places to camp, plants to harvest and Love to make. On fridays we can go main city of Asturias Gijón just 40 mins, where we have got another placed call GijonSurfHostel and enjoy international dinner and city life during the weekend( everything included on our collab.Saturday or Sunday comeback to the Farm with Full Power😁 For transport we are gonna leave a car for help with tourist and farm task. The car also could be use by workawayers over 25years old, and as long as it is available. If you want to come here we just ask you one thing. Needs to respect our lifestyle, it doesn't matter you don't know nothing about it, but we want to see you putting effort on it🙃🌊


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Álvaro se confundió con su calendario y no contaba con nosotros, a pesar de la confusión, su reacción fue poco acogedora, ya que la primera noche nos dejó tirados, teniendo que coger una habitación en Gijón, luego nos estuvo evitando las llamadas y cuando al fin pudimos ir al hostal para hablar con él, nos repitió varias veces que no contaba con nosotros y que intentaría montárselo para ponernos en algún lado, pero nos sentimos tan incómodos y rechazados que decidimos irnos, de todas formas a la noche me escribió diciendo que solo tenía sitio solamente para una noche.

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Mi experiencia personal dentro del hostel fue genial, lamentablemente tuve compañeros que la pasaron muy mal, un fin de semana por no tener camas disponibles para los turistas, les quitaron las suyas a los voluntarios y no se preocuparon por dónde dormirian, fue una situación de impotencia para todos, dónde tuvimos que ingeniarnos para darles una cama digna, sin que el dueño se enterara puesto que les prohibió dormir ahí.

8 months ago

Alvaro replied

Hola Joaquin, lo primero darte gracias por tu tiempo y ayuda. A tus compañeros se les habia experido el tiempo establecido de permanecer en el proyecto. Se les aviso con 7 días de antelación que por causa de overbooking no se podían quedar. (No por capricho del personal). Fueron ellos quienes decidieron quedarse sin respetar la dirección, no la dirección quien prohibió nada.
Aquí nos gusta respetar y ayudar a los viajeros para que saquen el máximo provecho de su estancia como tu lo hiciste. Tambien nos gusta que la gente sea sería, profesional y responsable.

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