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Revolutionary Accommodation is more than an hostel, it´s a transversal art project that wants to include all the cetegories, disciplines or tendencies. With art all over the place, each room is a sensorial experience. This is an artsy hostel that includes an art gallery and a lounge bar.

We´re a small and very united team that truly believes in this revolutinary project. You can say that we´re a bit idealistic, but be sure we have all our feet on the ground and ready to work. We´ll always show dedication, hardworking, respect... and a smile. And good energies, of course. May the art be with you...


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I highly recommend you come see the hostel & Luis, and chat with the other volunteers in person before committing. Operationally this hostel is unorganized, it's run by volunteers only, who have no prior hostel work experience, and Luis is rarely there. It's a mess in: kitchen, bar downstairs (which smells like months-old alcohol), gallery, inventory room. There are no schedules, everyone works overtime almost daily, ~50% of the toilets do not have the seat attached; bed bugs infestation in the dorms so I left on my 2nd day. Luis was in denial of bed bugs, "there are only vampires" he said.

about 1 year ago

rev replied

Well Anna, RA it's not a commun hostel, it's an art creation center with accommodation. I'm sorry you didn't fit in here but not everyone does. When you arrive with your mind set in a square, where everything is plastic and planned for you to act as a robot, it's normal not to fit in here. There's freedoom, creativity, support and a lot of party between guests and staff in here. I understahd that's not commun to you and you let your fear win the battle and left us without even try to understand what is RA. For someone who stayed with us just for one night and left without even having the dignity of saying goodbye to anyone of the staff, there's nothing we can do for you.. Wish you all the best anyway because we don't provide negative energy here at RA. Best regards Luis


It was my first experience as a volunteer and I'm ver happy I chose this hostel. The hotel has great vibes and all volunteers were the best. For me, this is what made my experience so good. It didn't feel like a hostel, but like a big house, so I felt at home very quickly. Some days the work was hard, if needed, we worked more than 4 hours, but some other days weren't hard at all. I learned a lot about reception and about solving problems quickly and by myself.

over 1 year ago

rev replied

You were great! Thank you a lot. Hope to see you back in here soon. Big kiss


This was my first experience of working abroad and I would repeat it, absolutley.
It was like a big family, the staff and guests had great moments together.The hostel was cozy and original because of the is everywhere on the walls!The staff was wonderful and I learned a lot from each of them.
When I worked in the RA hostel it wasn't easy because of the period (in August there are a lot of guests everyday!) and we had a lot of things to do, moreover we had some problems in managing the hostel but we worked well, we have always found a solution to face difficult moments!

over 1 year ago

rev replied

Thank you Raquel, it was really a pleasure to have you here. You had an amazing atitude. Doors will be always open to you here at RA. All the best


Thanks to everyone in the Revolutionary hostel and the gallery to make my experience in Lisbon unforgetable. It was pleasure meeting you guys and I will definitely come back here to stay once I will visit Lisbon again. It is not an ordinary place for sure! :)

over 1 year ago

rev replied

Thanks for everythig Agné, we will be waiting for your visit. Big kiss


It's a life experience. I learned a lot from the hosts like every guest who went through the hostel. A hostel full of life, art and stories!

over 1 year ago

rev replied

Hi Isabelle, it was a pleasure to have you here, I hope the rest of your europeen travelling experience was as good as you stay in here. All the best and open doors for you at RA.

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