Rio Lapa Inn

We are a small bed & breakfast which is great, as you get to interact with everyone. The region where we are located offers a variety of historic and cultural places, bars, samba houses and nightclubs.

Our main commitment is to treat guests as we would like to be treated, so the packer is included in this philosophy. We value a good education, a good humor, sympathetic spirit and a lot of willingness to work.


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My experience at Rio Lapa Inn Hostel was great! The host Humberto is a great , funny and communicative person. He and the staff are concerned and solicitous about the hostel's organization all the time.
The Location in the neighborhood is perfect! Close to markets, subway, parties, cultural places and any need you have.
Our work is to keep things clean and organized witch is smooth with the help of other staff while we all listenin to music and chat.
I thank Humberto, Loan and Ju for the reception and communion they gave me this week. <3

over 1 year ago


Rio Lapa Inn is definitely a nice place to work at. It's not really a hostel, it's like a big appartment that after a while will feel like home.
Humberto is a great host, a hard working man who's always in for a joke (so you'll need some humour ;-) ) and long, (sometimes) serious conversations.
The work is not difficult- treat the place like you would treat your home. Keep it clean and tidy, prepare the breakfast for guests, cook some meals for you and your colleagues, talk with the guests...
I would definitely recommend Lapa Inn to other travelers. Thanks Humberto, Juliana and Andrei!!

almost 2 years ago

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