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If you are a positiv thinking, outgoing and social person who appreciates the basic lifestyle we do live here on the island you might fit in here and have an amazing time meeting fun people and sharing our island life. Our guesthouse is not a party place, we still enjoy the calm atmosphere out here and working hours will be in the afternoon & early evening - not during night time.

This is not a hotel. But its a guesthouse. We not only work here - we happily call this place our home. You are more than welcome to join our little island family. 🦎🌿🐾🍃🏝☀️💛🌊🌅


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United States


My friend and I learned a lot and enjoyed the experience overall. This would be the ideal experience for someone who is outdoorsy looking to recharge and doesn’t mind heat, camping tents, insects, etc. The food was amazing and the host and staff are super sweet! Be prepared with all the items you’ll need for how long you stay (contact solution, cash, sunscreen, etc), otherwise you may have to cross to the other side of the island or take a ferry to the mainland. Also, be prepared to be disconnected from internet and download enough movies and music. Thank you again Robinson!

2 months ago

United Kingdom


I had an absolutely wonderful experience, it’s literally living in paradise. Perfect if you love the beach and want to relax during the days and have a bit of a digital detox.
Pretty remote and rural but a once in a lifetime experience.
You sleep in a tent listening to the sounds of the jungle which was pretty incredible, maybe bring a fan though as you may get a bit hot at night.
The team are so so lovely, you get treated so well and the food is absolutely delicious.
The work was straightforward and chill, would definitely recommend!

2 months ago



Working in Robinson as a bartender was a wonderful opportunity. I learn a lot about cocktails.
I was working while enjoying the sunset and the beauty of the beach.

Moreover, Sebastian, the owner is a really nice person. He has a respectfull and humane way to manage his business.

The life there is chill and peaceful. I recommend!

4 months ago

Sebastian replied

It was a great fit. Camille has experience as a bartender that has been noticed. Friendly to the guests. Too bad you left us so early. Thank you very much for the work you have done here.



If you want to have the best volunteer experience possible, you should go to Robinson Bungalows. Located on a pretty remote beach Robinson is a gem on the island. Together with the Khmer Staff and other volunteers you are responsible for the restaurant, bar and check ins. Sometimes this could be hard work, but there is always someone who can help you. The food is amazing and the tent you are sleeping in comfortable with a mattress. Sebastian is very flexible, a good listener and open for creative ideas. It was a delight to work for Robinson and hope to come back in the (near) future.

5 months ago

Sebastian replied

We would have liked to keep you with us. You integrated super well into the local team. You always showed full commitment. The staff as well as the guests appreciated your communicative way. The whole Robinson team would like to thank you again and you will stay in our good memory.



Robinson accepted to host my friend as a volunteer with him. She told me about the experience and how great it was. she even wants to come back some day to the place.. and because of her recommendation, me and my girlfriend are planning to come and work on the island in the summer..
thank you so much Robinson for your kindness with my friend Micky.

about 4 years ago

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