Royalton Bed and Breakfast

My property has been in the family since 1781. There are 130 acres. There are projects to fit anyone's desires and I try to match projects with each person's interest. The old farmhouse, corn crib and barn are large enough to accommodate quite a few people making it a wonderful place for people all around the world to gather, share and enjoy life while helping to maintain a heritage farm.

I run a bnb and sell pies and quiches at farmers markets so I am often away. I try to have several different people here at all times so that there is enough help for everything to get done without overwhelming anyone. Each person is responsible for managing their own time. That being said, I need baking done on time for markets, guests greeted etc. I prefer to have meals together, especially supper. Depending on the weather and number of guests we may change rooms to conserve heat or accommodate more people. As we continue to renovate outbuildings that situation continues to improve. There is WiFi throughout the house, barn and corn crib. I see us as one big happy family sharing the work, getting to know each other, sharing stories, learning about each other's cultures and hopefully developing lifetime friendships with people all over the world.


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The farm was perfect the host was very very over bearing and seemed to have an endless list of rules to follow. Maybe it’s a nice BnB but she also wanted us to hide away like we were workers on her farm and not members of a community.


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