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Become part of a Thai family, our eco project and alternative school in Phattalung, Thailand! Please apply when you are interested in staying 3 weeks or more. Here you get the opportunity to give your impact for thai kids and our beautiful planet. You will get in touch with the easy life. The place is in the middle of nature, with a river and surrounded by many trees. Listen to the stream, go for a swim or take a tube (a floatable ring) for drifting in the river - It’s fun! You have the chance to become part of a Thai family and to learn more about our real culture. Additionally you learn about our eco-project.

We are a family of three. I am P'Ju (that's how everybody calls me), my wife P'Nong and my young son, Roy. We run a treehouse farmstay and a alternative school in the forest next to a river. Our majority of guests is Thai. Beside projects for children we provide treehouses, tents, swimming in the stream, bathrooms with shower, local food and drinks for all our guests (including volunteers). We are currently working with kids. We want to educate local children about food autonomy, management of environment, English, gardening and how to live in harmony with nature. It is an alternative school, we have no help from the government yet and it's free for everyone. We have worked with a lot of volunteers, staying here from a month to a year. At the moment we are looking for people who like to conduct projects for kids. The help we need depends on the season and the day. Usually it is taking care of guests and the property, planting trees, composting, make more garden for organic vegetables, brooming, washing dishes or building huts. We work a lot with bamboo material. You will be asked to do different things, but don’t worry you will also have time to relax too. We are close to Tainod Coffee Garden and we visit them, help, and work at the famous Sunday Green Market for selling natural drinks P'Nong makes.


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i have been there for a couple of weeks, the place is really lost in the middle of nowhere, far from all the cities and all the place where everyone is doing his job without any contact with all the things that are really part of the natural world!
the sound of the animal, the sound of the river (where you can even have a nice swim),chilling on the hammock, get fruits directly from the trees...
i would like to recommend the experience to all the people that are looking for a place inside the deeper nature!
get out from your comfort zone!!! if u want to get some other information text me


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There is a great deal of value and learning that can be had here. To enjoy the full potential of this project, I highly encourage anyone to communicate a considerable amount with the moderators who help out with Worldpackers, WWOOF, Workaway, etc. I also highly encourage everyone to really take the time to communicate with the hosts regarding expectations and needs. There is a language barrier for some, but regardless the hosts will so appreciate the time you take to show them you truly want to help with their project. Also, P'Nong is an incredible chef.


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