rRos Park

I like to share my spaces and love for my animals in this quiet corner of the Madonie Park. For about a year I have received so many people and it was a great experience for the new friendships that have been created and the important help I received. Here the work takes place serenely taking into account the individual skills and needs

I am a man mature, nature loving and travel experienced man who decided to escape from the crowded city to the mountains in the sicilian fields, a beautiful place called Parco delle Madonie, from about 100 km from the capital Palermo. Here I recovered an abandoned property, where I entered horses, goats, chickens and dogs. I have created a small farm with the purpose of become autosusteinable in some ways and to increase the promotion of the land and local products with natural tecniches, without stressing animals and giving them a good life quality.

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Brand new host looking for people to collaborate with each other.

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