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am desert boy and just simple person. I grew up in a village life. my little village located in the middle of the GREAT THAR DESERT. I was camel Driver and I have my own camel. there is very hard to find a water. people are very friendly and kindly. in my village there is no education and electricity. i love like this life who dont know whats going on in the world. I organize camel safari. really none touristic of the be turn truck the national park. i don't have special university degree but i have full experience about of desert life. so i know very well about of GREAT THAR DESERT. since when i am child i work with a tourist. and i grew up with tourist in middle of the desert.i need volunteer to teach me English

a splendid property lies in a renowned area of the city offering easy access to prominent tourist destinations. This property makes it easy for the corporate as well as pleasure tourists to experience the city. Smart architecture with contemporary designs has an eye-catching appeal that pleases the travelers. volunteer Comfy and classy accommodation sets the character for a tremendous stay with all contemporary comforts and conveniences.with sttf Rumi's home stay is deliberately located at Inside golden fort Some of the nearby tourist spots Lake Fort (walking), patawan ki haveli (300 M), golden city (walking).Rumi's home stay offers astonishing facilities. you can share your experience with our staff they are very friendly from desert and you teach them English and they teach you Hindi and culture

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