RV life, gardening, grow vegetables, household help

We will threat everyone with respect and expect the same thing. This is a family setting were you have you'll stay in an older travel trailer that we started updating . The bathroom is inside the house, but you'll have your own area and are also welcome to come with us if we go to Orlando or on any other trips, or enjoy the pool, yard or bbq. The weather is sunny most of the year, so come and enjoy swimming, hiking, water sport, surfing etc.

Volunteers will live on our property. This is our family home. We are easy going, both 35 years old. We have small dogs and a 5 y.o. son. Our friend lives at the property too.


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Czech Republic


Our stay was really amazing:) we had so much fun and had a great time! Lianne and Karel are really nice people and we really enjoyed our visit:)

19 days ago

Czech Republic


We’ve had such a great time with Lianne, Karel and Jackson ! They are really great hosts! If you’re flexible they will be also.
The hours are really good, tasks easy and Florida is really amazing place to visit!
Hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to come again!

20 days ago



Lianne and Karel were both so cool and nice to talk to. I had a lot freetime and a own place to stay in. We also went to the Shooting range together witch was realy cool and i would definately recommend it.

about 1 month ago



Lianne and Karel, are nice hosts, I enjoyed my time with them, also little jackson.
it was a new discover for me with my pets phobia. thank you!

2 months ago



It was a very good experience, the family is very friendly and understandable.
The accommodation and location are nice.
Everything was very good, the only observation was that we didn't have defined work days, we didn't have a clear schedule.
We woke up not knowing if we were going to work or have the day off. But whatever you agreed on before, they agreed.
So the next volunteers need to talk about the days they want to work and the days they want off.

3 months ago

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