Rwenzori Action for Tourism Services (RWATS)

As a volunteer you can choose to work with one or more activities and projects within community tourism in a unique area of Uganda. Rwenzori and Kasese can offer visitors and volunteers both beautiful nature experiences, from savannah to mountains and hills, and a diversity within culture and communities. We believe knowledge and skills are ment to be a bidirectional communication, and are more than happy to let our volunteers learn and get a broader understanding of culture, local knowledge, spiritual beliefs and traditions in the area of Rwenzori. In exchange we would like volunteers to share their skills, experiences and ideas to make the best out of our project and make it sustainable for the future.

Our staff consist of Katya (main director), Lodrick (representative for the community in Mbunga) , Kule (housekeeper and tour guide) and Camilla (long-stay volunteer from Norway). We are willing to do our best to give our volunteers a comfortable and interesting stay, living in our Guesthouse in Kasese to an affortable price, offering spesific help and asistance when needed, help with organizing for trips and activities and give information about the life in Kasese and the Rwenzori Mountains. At the moment we are not able to offer free accommodation, but we do try to keep the costs as low as possible for volunteers: Per Month: 880 000 UGX = about 243 USD Per week: 205 000 UGX = about 57 USD Per day: 30 000 UGX = about 8 USD

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