Sagres Sun Stay

Our hostel is located in the south west of Portugal, one of the best surf spots in country. In the middle of the nature reserve of Costa Vicentina, we are committed to giving our guests the best sport experiences that the region has to offer. The hostel has top facilities including a swimming pool, out-door gym facilities and brand new accommodation.

Our hostel has recently opened to the public, so volunteers will be able to have a big impact among our young and fun team. You will be treated as part of the team, while we encourage you to enjoy your time with us and explore the beautiful surroundings. As a volunteer you will have access to surf equipment and will be able to attend some classes. Surf beaches are easily reachable.


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I enjoyed my stay at Sagres Sun Stay very well. Doing social media was a lovely task - go out and take pictures and videos, process them, taking care of instagram. The host, Anna, was always nice to me, but there were some disputes with other volunteers. What I didn't really like was the "staff house" facility, where I have been accomodated for the majority of my stay. The place was so small for all the people, with no space to put our clothes and other stuff. There was no privacy at all as everything was packed into few square meters. Also there were only 2 surfboards and 2 bikes.

about 2 months ago

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