Saja Project

We're one of the main HUBS of the Sicilian Permaculture Network, and the main HUB in the area of CATANIA, and is well known as a model for being one of the most productive and farm oriented projects, obtaining yelds and still being a center of active lerning and non-formal education for volounteers and other farmers approaching this method of farming and living.. The original arab channel used for irrigation gives the name to our project, it carries water and gives life with it, from it's presence and from it's sound comes out our aim. For us it's a conscious choice of life. Blessed by the welcoming presence of the river and by the changing times of nature. A choice of sharing places and elements. A tiny group of people that looking outside and inside of themselves, choose the land as a space for confrontation. A place for sperimentation between new and old techniques of Permaculture and natural/organic farming. There are moments of hard work, of quietness, heavy summer sweat, soft music and long sleeps. We need Help and we give Help in our everyday life teaching and learning, harvesting and sharing, farming and living.

At the moment living here is SALVO (almost here all the year) , linguist, social worker and permaculturist farmer, fond on meditation and reggaeton, he bought the land and works permanently here; ROBERTO (from september to may)a old friend that after an intense experience funding an ecovillage, decided to move to our project and devote his work to vegetable production, CLAUDIO(from march to october), a friend from Firenze that decided to set up in our project his Spirulina Production and live here a part of the year here during the Spirulina season from March to October and travel in the cold months when the algae sleep in the acquarium! NURI, Salvo's 5yrs old son, that spends here a part of the week or some longer periods depending on school and holidays!

Perfect for you if you're looking for

Contact with nature

Vegetarian / Vegan


Contact with animals

Yoga / Meditation