Salty Jackal Backpackers & Surf Camp

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- COVID UPDATE: As of September 2020 Namibia is open to foreign visitors again. For information on special procedures please read: 1. 2.,%20Forestry%20and%20Tourism_Announcement%20of%20the%20Ammendmends%20to%20the%20implementation%20protocols%20for%20the%20International%20Tourism%20Revival%20Initiative_COVID-19.pdf ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- And now for the salty bits... ;) If you are interested in enjoying a laid back lifestyle, learning to surf, cook, practice acro-yoga and helping to develop a great place for travelers to stay and meet then this is the place to volunteer. We try to run our business sustainably, with passion and to enjoy life while doing it. Namibia is an incredible hidden gem in Africa, and you will have plenty of time to enjoy the ocean, the desert and the quaint town of Swakopmund where we are situated.

I am a passionate surfer-engineer-cook trying to live in a sustainable way and combine what I love with making a living -so I decided to set up this surf hostel in 2017. We opened in July 2017 but the backpackers is a long-term project in that it is to continually grow and improve. We have a full-time cleaner and gardener, and a receptionist. Volunteers will become part of the household and help where it is needed. Volunteers have plenty of free time and are always welcome to join on surf trips and lessons. Sometimes, we tackle projects, and work hard, and afterwards we relax with a beer next to a traditional Namibian braai ( fire ). Volunteers need to complete the routine daily tasks every day, but as we always have at least 2 volunteers, they can co-ordinate between themselves who does what so everyone has enough free time.

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