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Our place is a beautiful place to enjoy nature and good people. We offer a unique experience for people interested in living in a remote location, yet surrounded by stimulating experiences. The community is located on a river in a remote area near the beautiful surf town of Itacare. We are a 30 minute drive or boat ride from Itacare (during the month or more that you are here there is not a lot of contact with the town of Itacare). The goal of our program is to create a lovely and healing environment for the families that live here. Filling our lives with as much contact with nature as possible we spend a lot of time swimming in the river, playing in the waterfall and hiking around the forest. At night there is often a social atmosphere with people playing music. Usually there are 10-15 volunteers here working on projects different than this position. This position is only for cleaning. The position is to help take care of a private house in a vibrant ECO Community. While here you will live and interact with many visitors and volunteers from all over Brazil and all over the world. You will also have the opportunity to participate in many community activities and celebrations. For this position the day starts at 6:45 with breakfast. After breakfast people usually get ready for the day and socialize until 8:00am. Work starts at 8:00am with cleaning of the houses. This position involves cleaning two small houses. Cleaning of the floors, kitchen, dishes, dusting, bedrooms, bathrooms, organizing closets, windows, living area. The work goes until noon. After which their is some time to relax before lunch at 12:30. After lunch people often enjoy swimming in the river, relaxing, having a group workship or hiking up to the waterfall. We don't allow Tobacco smoking here and alcohol use is limited. The location is outside of Itacare so visiting Itacare is not possible, we might have one beach trip a month. Otherwise people stay here and enjoy the nature and each other. This community is different than a hostel, people usually sleep early and breakfast is at 6:45am, so people get up early too. Internet is limited to an hour in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon (1:30-4:30pm). We ask that you visit here with a goal to connect with other and nature, not to connect with the internet.

My name is Liz. I live here with my husband and 7 year old daughter. We are American and Canadian. We have lived here for 7 years helping to build this community and make it more and more sustainable each year. The volunteers here are offered a nice place to live and good vegetarian food (usually, although we do not have a rule to not eat meat).


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A Aldeia Terra Preta foi minha primeira experiência no WP e não poderia ter sido mais especial! A comunidade recebe voluntários do mundo todo dispostos a ajudar na agrofloresta, alimentação, limpeza e mais algumas atividades. O trabalho acontecia de manhã, das 8 às 12h e a tarde tínhamos tempo livre pra visitar as cachoeiras, jogar baralho, brincar com as crianças. Fiquei encarregada da limpeza de uma das casas. Foi puxado mas o tempo livre compensava o trabalho. Na alimentação, todo mundo se revezava pra cozinhar e organizar a cozinha. Fui muito bem recebida por Liz, Sam e todos da comunidade


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