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Volunteer with us is the perfect way of learning our culture while contributing to our community. Through our project you will not only have the opportunity to volunteer, but also to experience our everyday local life, get around using local transportation, browse markets to find ingredients to cook local food, enjoy exercise and football at the community grounds. All of these are great ways to learn our culture, practice our language Swahili and engage with local people.

Our community is situated in South Dar Es Salaam about one hour from the city center. Our main goals is educating and motivate children from low income families to have equal opportunities of getting better education for their better future Dar es salaam is the biggest city in Tanzania with the population about 5.5 million people . Children and youth are approximately 50% of the population . In most local families there are many children who are not motivated to go to school even their parents have no motivation to take them to school therefore you will see many children in the street loosing opportunity to get education One of the main tool to give them another perspective is to have volunteers who will help to teach English, writing, mathematics, science, computer programs for the youth, arts, vocational skills and sports as well as to motivate education in our community Since we started "Samaritan Volunteer Project" we saw alot of changes and motivation from the parents to take their children to schools and also for the children now they like to learn new things from our schools Help required: ​In the Morning: Teaching children our three local nursery schools (age 4 to 6 years old) from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm .As a volunteer you will assist our local teacher to instruct children , English language, mathematics, writing, reading ,arts ,vocational skills , sport and games In the evening: About 50 children and young people attend our school . We have classes afternoon from 4 pm to 6 pm. Our children are from low-income families, so we do not charge and we look for volunteers who will help to teach them English language, mathematics, science, reading , writing and different sports and games. Children who are attending afternoon class are from different age from 4 to 13 years old. We divide them according to their school level. We also need help if you have possibility to bring study material for children such as: pencils, pens, colors, markers, notebooks and exercise books and drawings. Endowment for the school as boards, books and dictionaries. Sports equipment In addition, you can support us in: Creating a new website and our social media accounts needs constantly improvement, so we need volunteers passionate about web design, writing and photography to help us to improve our online profiles. Languages spoken English and Swahili Accommodation We have private room and shared room with all facilities like water , toilet and toiletries. From our house is three minutes walk to the school Our volunteer will be saved three meals per day mostly cooked local food, we have different kind of local dishes like Ugali, Wali , Potatoes , Cooked banana and many others . Our volunteers will taste all this kind of food. From the airport to our organisation you can use tax or uber which are available all the time. From our village to city center is only one bus and very inexpensive allow you to reach the city center easy To go to the beach is one hour and half by bus and half an hour by tax or uber What else ... During weekend or time off you have the opportunity to: Visit the beach Walking around the city of Dar es salaam Visit the local market for shopping and explore Making local dress Visit Zanzibar lsland We can help you to organise a cheap Safari though a tour company if you will be interested to go Safari Tanzania is a country with great wealth which you can enjoy staring from here. We look forward to your visit


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Emma and his family make you feel part of them, the kids are adorable and the community has many opportunities to develop some programs to empower them, it was an amazing experience.
Thanks for all the love <3



Uma experiência linda e muito gratificante. As crianças são simplesmente maravilhosas e é muito divertido conviver com elas. O Emmanuel é um excelente host, faz de tudo para ajudar e me senti em casa desde o primeiro dia.


Bassas da India

Excellent experience! Emmanuel and his family are such a great people, and they made me feel like a part of this family. Children are beautiful, you can learn a lot and Emmanuel is always there to help you! My staying there was the most beautiful thing in my life! So, if you are looking for place to go, just go there, don't doubt, you won't regret! Asante sana for everything everyone (Emmanuel, teachers and children) done to me! It was a beautiful trip, see you next year!



It was a wonderful experience. The NGO's founder is so careful and attentive, providing us a safe and clean place to stay. The food is simple, but cooked with much care and it is delicious. If you need to get anything, they will be happy to go along with you. The kids are unbelievably affectionate. You may have difficulties to teach because of their natural language (Swahili), but the founder and his staff will be there to help you. Everyone is very grateful for any help you can provide. If you are looking for a simple but awesome and unforgettable experience, this is the place for you.



Essa experiência com o Samuel foi muito válida, uma família que te faz se sentir acolhida, em um local simples, mas com uma comunidade super acolhedora.

Acredito que a experiência na escola poderia ter sido mais completo, se o professor fosse mais envolvido, e poderiam existir mais opções de trabalho com a comunidade.


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