Samata Shikshya Niketan

Samata is an NGO with branches in every district of Nepal, its aim is to give affordable education while keeping high educational standards.

Samata school in Bhaktapur is a big family, loving and welcoming. Here you'll meet lots of friends. As a volunteer we'll treat you as one of us while you will have the flexibility to explore the amazing world heritage site Bhaktapur and the beauty of the surroundings of the Kathmandu valley. Your skills are invaluable for us and you will be invited to impart classes at different levels and take part in events, activities and festivals. We don't have great economical resources but we are rich in human capital. We would like to raise some funds to improve the infrastructures of the school. To cover for your expenses and also support the school we would welcome a donation of as much or as little as you can offer, we suggest 5 to 10 usd per day. Samata is awaiting you!!!

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Brand new host looking for people to collaborate with each other.

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