Sand Star Camp

I am Suleman , I am 27 years old and have been running a Bedouin camp in the
Wadi Rum desert since 2019. We belong to a Bedouin family from Wadi Rum where
our ancestors lived centuries ago. We enjoy living in the desert and would like to
invite you to our home and share this experience with you.
My camp is located in a quiet, sheltered corner of the Wadi Rum Reserve away
from the light pollution of the village, so we have an amazing night sky. There are
12 tents in the camp and a large dining tent in the middle where you can enjoy the
mountain breeze and a great view of the open desert. I have a local employee who
helps me organize the camp, clean the tents, and cook.
I will require your help with speaking to tourists, cleaning the tents and sometimes
help with computer related tasks.
In terms of accommodation, I can offer a private traditional tent (please see
pictures) with a private or shared bathroom and showers depending on the
availability. If the weather is good you can also join me in wild camping tours and
sleep under the desert sky.

Despite Wadi Rum is a big desert, its beauty calls many tourists. You can expect to help me with the tourists in different ways, since I make tours by walk, jeep, camels and horses, you will help me making the tours and comunicate with them, you will also help me with the logistics of the tourists like cleaning the tents and computer related tasks, check-ins and outs.


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I decided to leave after two days since there didn't seem to be a specific role for me, and the host suggested I could simply relax and enjoy, which didn't align with my understanding of volunteering. However, the host graciously allowed me to stay as a guest and enjoy Wadi Rum, but he wouldn't accept payment, which was kind of him. It was a bit surprising when he mentioned only accepting female volunteers, but I would recommend setting clear boundaries and emphasizing a friendly connection

27 days ago



The experience was great and I was able to experience a lot of cool things. The surroundings were fantastic and the camp was very nicely located. However, as a woman I do recommend that you set your boundaries and make it clear that you are only friends.

about 2 months ago



Amazing place and people. The host makes always sure you feel comfortable and satisfied with your stay. I had the opportunity to enjoy the Bedouin lifestyle and meet people from all over the world.

5 months ago

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