Sandstone guesthouse

This is the best guesthouse in one of the best bouldering (rock climbing) areas in south Europe. Nice place in the middle of the nature with nice people from all around the world.

Easygoing and relax atmosphere, we are two people, and we need some other people during the seasson to help us with diferent activities at the guesthouse. I am from basque country (Hugo) and my partner (Natalia) is a local from Albarracin.


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Experiencia super bonita en un entorno único! Muy recomendable! Si te gusta la escalada además vas a disfrutar mucho!

Experiencia muy bonita!

12 months ago

New Jersey


There's something very special about Albarracin and Sandstone Guesthouse. If you're a climber, this is where it's at. If you want to know what its like to live in a culturally authentic village in Spain, you won't find a better place. The work is easy and Hugo will treat you like family. I do recommend having a vehicle and/or knowing a fair amount of Spanish, as most of the locals are not English speakers but are certainly worth getting to know. A vehicle will give you freedom to climb as you please at your skill level- without either of these things I can imagine feeling isolated/left behind.

over 4 years ago

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