Peniche is a little paradise for surfers and nature lovers in Portugal. You'll find amazing waves, weather, a great vibe and friends for life ! We welcome you in our surf house right next to the beach and city center.

Volunteers work on a half day basis, so the other day is free for surfing, skating, chilling.. We appreciate greatly the help and time offered by volunteers and we're happy to give back the best we can.


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The simplest way to describe Sandy Camps is that it’s a very unfair exchange, in my opinion it’s a business based on exploitation of volunteers. I couldn’t accept the fact that only 20 dirham (approx. €1.80) per person per day is spent on food for volunteers when guests are paying as much as €1000 checking in. The staff house has no wifi and inconsistent electrical and water supply. It’s clear that the objective is to maximise profits and cut costs as much as possible. If all you want is a place to sleep and surf then go ahead but you’re not getting anymore than that.

21 days ago

Amiie replied

Hi Brian, so interesting you left this feedback with apparent insider detail despite staying at the camp for less than 3 days and working only 2 of those days. We asked if you wanted to teach only yoga instead of reception--you weren't interested, and during the two reception trainings it was clear as day you did not want to be there. Please keep in mind the reception shift was basically 2 hours of simple tasks, with 1 hour of yoga. Otherwise you would teach 2 hours a day, with the entire rest of the day free. None of the volunteers are working more than 20 hours a week. Things can always be improved, although I can confidently say that our other team members are genuinely happy to be here.

Yes, in an ideal world we are getting paid for yoga, and as a yoga teacher I would be the first to advocate this. However, keep in mind this is a work exchange that allows you the privilege to live in Imsouane and have access to world-class waves daily as well as a relatively chilled life. There's not much to do here outside of surfing, so perhaps it contributed towards your feeling of not being stimulated.

Imsouane in general has issues with water and electricity at times, and it's just a part of life you have to accept if you want to continue travelling around the world. During the initial video call prior to your arrival, it would have been said that wifi is available next door so please keep your expectations in check.

Your lack of communication or even any efforts to talk to me about it (even after I asked you for feedback), in addition to your general negative energy in the house, only confirms that it was not a mutual fit to have you with us. We wish you luck.



My Worldpackers experience with Sandra and Marcel was incredible! They are such kind and understanding hosts who made me feel at home. The tasks at the surf house were very manageable, leaving plenty of time to relax, surf, or explore the area. I met amazing people and loved socialising with guests. The location is perfect with everything within walking distance. I would absolutely recommend this work exchange and I hope to return again one day!

3 months ago

sandra replied

Thank you so much Claire. It's been amazing working with you and we definitely hope to see you again in Portugal or Morocco!



It was amazing! The vibes in Sandycamps are really nice, Imsouane is a perfect spot if you want to progress in surfing or long-boarding. I can’t be more grateful with the experience and I will truly recommend it to everyone in the search of adventure and fun. I’m sure I will come back :)

8 months ago

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