Santiago guest house Kyoto

Our place is really great place to meet new people. Our cafe serve very tasty curry, and you can eat it for very small fee. If you stay our place, you can explore Kyoto city very easyly. If you want to learn Japanese , we will help you of course .

We are guest house which opend in 2013. We have so many guest every day so that we need you to help to maintain cleanness in our guest houe . If you stay in our place, we provide tha share house which is 5 minute away from your working place. usually you have to share one room with one or two people. Our working houre is just 3 hour and you get 8 days off a month at least.


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excellent place excellent location, they gave us a private room for the staff, the tasks are simple I really recommend it.


United Kingdom

Nice guest house to stay at. Nicely situated and got on with the host rather well. Although apart from one karaoke night we didn't spend much time together i.e. shopping, collaborating, conversing.



Its a really good place to experience Kyoto and make some new friends.


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