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Hey Guys, I'm Ricardo I am also a Worldpacker, I only have done this kind of project in Hostels in Europe, and now it is the time for me have my own Hostel, and I would really appreciate your help =) We opened a hostel in São Paulo in the city centre, it is more a kind of B&B... We need someone to help us to renovate our Hostel in São Paulo city center We are looking for someone who has some, building, painting skills. gardening, or reception skills (friends and couples are also accepts) It is around 4 hours a day 5 days a week ( maintenance help) , and 6 hours for hostel duties COVID - accommodation in a private room or shared room (with your partner travel) I will be working with you guys along the project with all duties. It's not gonna be a hard working (hope so) but if it does you can be sure that you won't be alone hehe We are a gay friendly place :))

I am a veterinary student and may father is a 90' lovely man who still works with me, we also have dogs and cats in the house (sometime), worldpackers will be included as a part of our family =)

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In all honesty and transparency, it was a bad experience for me. I felt disrespect from the owner and the worst in front of visitors
Volunteer hours were not respected. I was obliged to stay at the reception for more hours than I was supposed to
Breakfast was provided, but no lunch or dinner
I think Ricardo needs to work on this in order to provide the ideal conditions for the volunteer
But he has good information about São Paulo and can guide for a good time in the city

about 2 months ago



Aprendí y me divertí mucho. Me sentí como en casa gracias a la amabilidad de Ricardo.

about 2 months ago



ótima experiência com o pessoal, recomendo muito.

3 months ago



Meu primeiro mês em SP foi muito marcante e intenso. Espero ter retribuído a altura tudo que o wanderlust hostel me ofereceu. Sem dúvidas a melhor parte foram as pessoas ( e os rolês rsrs).

4 months ago



Essa vai para os próximos viajantes que passarão pelo Wonderlust .

Sobre o anfitrião: Ricardo é um cara muito inteligente e de bom coração, ele vai te orientar sobre as tarefas com clareza e dinâmica.

A localização do hostel fica bem perto de muitas atrações que farão seu tempo aqui inesquecível.

Ahhhh, por último e não menos importante! Fiz amigos aqui que levarei para a vida, Daniel (Itália)
Wil (Nicarágua) ,James (US)
Joaquim (France)

Ainda têm muitos outros que moram no meu coração ❤️

Next trip... loading 🚀🚀

5 months ago

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